To mark the milestone of Burnalong crossing 20,000 classes on the platform, Burnalong Co-CEO Daniel Freedman returned to Baltimore where it all started.

To celebrate this momentous event, he was joined by Heather Gidusko, who was one of the first instructors on Burnalong (now 5,000+ strong), and the Fox45 team for a chat and quick morning workout.

Burnalong began in 2016 in Baltimore when co-founders, Daniel Freedman and Mike Kott, began discussing how their family members weren’t getting the health and wellbeing programming they needed to be well. They also lacked the social motivation of having family members and friends join them in their health journey to keep them going.

With just a few instructors and local companies at the start, Burnalong has now grown to be available through employers, hospital systems, health plans, studios, and more across all 50 states and in more than 70 countries, across the globe.

Quick morning workout with Burnalong

Burnalong differs from other digital health solutions in that we focus on six core principles:

  1. Prevention: We help prevent, and manage, chronic conditions.
  2. Holistic: Include everyone in your population on a single platform.
  3. Personalization: AI-powered recommendations to support individual goals, conditions, and interests
  4. Inclusive: Represent the diversity of your population with accessible and relatable content
  5. Social: Communities of colleagues, friends, and family are welcome to join for motivation and encouragement
  6. Cultural: Drive internal culture with challenges, events, and communities

Want to join the movement?

We want to support your population with engaging content, immersive events, inclusive challenges, and custom marketing material (we’ll make it for you).

Our digital health solutions have proven results that we reach at-risk populations, those with chronic conditions, and the hard-to-reach populations.

If you would like to find out how we can help you create a culture of wellness, engage your entire population, and even connect you with some of our instructors, let us know!