“Leslie Crawford is serious about staying in shape. She has lost 18 pounds,” reports NBC’s Megan Pringle.

“I had a closetful of clothes with tags on that I couldn’t fit and I just wanted to look good,” Crawford said.

She got a lot of help with MBS Fitness Lab CEO and celebrity fitness expert Monte Sanders.

Two or three times a week, Crawford gets her work outs through Burnalong.

“Burnalong is a video platform that enables you to exercise wherever you are — from your phone, computer or television — to classes from hundreds of gyms around the country,” said Daniel Freedman, the platform’s co-founder.

“I can go right to my living room and pick whatever workout I want. I can do arms that day. I can do legs. I want to do abs, want to do cardio and lower body,” Crawford said.

And she can do it with friends. There’s a feature that allows you to invite friends or family members to take classes with you.

“There you are, literally seeing each other and speaking to each other through the screen. So as you’re doing the jumping jacks, they’re doing the jumping jacks. You can joke, catch up, socialize,” Freedman said.

As Megan reports (first on local affiliated WBAL), Eighty percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. If you’re getting close to that slump, locally developed fitness platform Burnalong can help you work out with a friend or a trainer or even take group fitness classes, no matter where you are.