This summer, we are going to get to know some of our amazing instructors a little better.

With each interview, we’ll ask them some questions to get to know their areas of expertise, ask for a few tips, and get ideas for how to lean into healthy habits (in every season). Tune in to learn more about your favorite instructors and get inspired!

First up, we have Allison Deputy.

Ready to try out Tai Chi?

What is your area of expertise? 

I am a Certified Tai Chi Master Instructor, ATCQA, with 30 years of experience in Yang Style Tai Chi 12 & 108 Forms, Chair Tai Chi, Tai Chi Ball Qigong, and have Training/Certification of Tai Chi instructors.

What makes you passionate about what you do? Who is your clientele?

My clients come from all ages and backgrounds, many of them are in the 40s to 80s range. Tai Chi is a healing movement for everybody, so there is something for everyone in this healing art.

My greatest joy is seeing real results in my students, even just after one class! The relief and rejuvenation they feel are palpable and keep me motivated to help more people tap into their healing potential with Tai Chi.

I came to this art as a chronically ill, stress cadet myself, so I know firsthand what this can do for the body, mind, and spirit. It’s transformative on so many levels!

If someone is looking to start a new habit in Tai Chi, what are key strategies you recommend they start out doing?

First, practice PRESENCE. Feel your feet on the floor. Get out of your head and into your body, into the moment.

Then BREATHE to the lower belly region (the dantien – your inner battery), deep and full; count to five, in and out. Notice the tension melting away.

LET GO OF THINKING – you will have thoughts, but you can “stop thinking about” the thoughts. Just allow them to flow by like a river, and you’re standing on the soft, quiet, river bank, without attachment.

Pay attention to the feeling of your feet on the ground, the breath in the belly, your posture, and alignment (we help you with this in classes). Notice how you can cultivate peace even amidst chaos.

This is the superpower Tai Chi helps you develop, and will help you build a direct connection to your healing potential.

What is the best way, in your opinion, to become consistent with their new habit? Is there anything important that if they are new to what you do best, they should know?

When it feels good, you want to do more of it. But make yourself accountable by scheduling your Tai Chi time each week, be it once or three days or more per week. Get it inked in, and set a reminder on your phone.

Then show up! Understand that there will always be a thousand excuses or distractions to pull you away, but you always feel better when you show up for yourself and your well-being. Make it a priority and see your life transform.

What can help members stick to a new habit throughout every season? 

The better you feel, the more you will want to do it, and once you’ve established the habit of showing up on a consistent basis, and seeing results, you will naturally want to keep showing up for more.

The benefits of Tai Chi practice compound with consistent practice, and the more you practice, the more you build momentum to stay the course. Give it a try and see for yourself!

Ready to try out Tai Chi?

Allison is ready for you! Check out one of her amazing classes for a little introduction to the practice. You can even take this class outside with some earbuds to enjoy the fresh air as you focus on healing movement and breathing.

You can connect with Allison on Instagram and Facebook (@moonwillowtaichi) or view her articles on Medium.

Take a quick minute to breath with Allison now too:

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