Population health study results: Engaging the at-risk population

Discover results from an independent cohort study of Burnalong users and how our digital health solution reached a client's at-risk population (aged 50-59) with chronic conditions (65% of users have them), and improved population health


This case study shows:

How those using Burnalong are older, more at-risk, and those with chronic conditions

How a digital health solution can effectively improve member self-management of chronic conditions

Why traditional wellbeing programs miss the mark and do not impact population health

What programming needs to be coupled with to be the most effective with at-risk populations

“Burnalong gave us a simple way to engage and recognize immediate positive interactions. In a time of so much uncertainty and isolation, this is a wonderful community, providing hope and energy to face what’s next. Most importantly, Burnalong meets people where they are, at a moment in time and provides something of value.”

Client Benefits Manager

Address chronic conditions with a proven digital health solution that gets results

Employee health and wellbeing is suffering. This comes at a time when employees are reporting to they want to work for an employer that values their wellbeing.

Many organizations that want to attract and retain top talent are listening and offering more robust wellbeing programs. So why are traditional wellbeing programs not working for organizations?

We’ll dive into the core reasons why traditional solutions are not working to improve population health and highlight results from an independent cohort study of users on Burnalong.

You’ll learn the most effective approaches to reaching your at-risk population, addressing the most common chronic conditions, and what efforts you need to offer to support employee health.

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