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Ca-L'a Fitness TM - (Get Your Dance On)

Shay Hill

You ready to have some FUN working out? This workout helps you to burn calories, while having an awesome time dancing to the beat of the music! Are you ready to Get Your Dance On?

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3 Tips When You're Overwhelmed

Kim Saunders

Three quick tips to deal with the state of overwhelm when it arrives.

Chair Yoga - Intermediate

Cheri Moran

This Chair Yoga class is designed to explore range of motion in all the joints, strength and balance. It is suitable for anybody who feels that they can’t do Yoga due to level of fitness, age, inflexibility, etc.

#1 best stress reduction technique - 5-5-7 breathe exercise

Laurie Schible

The #1 quickest way to get back to calm, is through your breath. This short video guides you through a simple 5-5-7 breath technique you can use – in just 2 min. Come back to this guided exercise as often as you need!

5 minutes Total Body Workout

Marita Daukste

5 minutes Total Body Workout for tone up your muscles and stay active. Choose your level what is comfortable for you, repeat if you are strong, use some hand weights or wrist bands for extra bonus to strengthen your upper body.

Cardio and Core

Monte Sanders

A mix of cardio and core to develop a healthier heart and a smaller waistline.

Mindfulness - Light Body Scan

Megan Delp

This short mindfulness will help you get more in touch with your body and calm your mind!
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5 Minute Mobility

Tracy Hill

Take a quick 5 minutes out of your busy day and get a little brain & body boost to get through the rest of the day more smoothly!

LiveWell Office Stretching

Lili Rojas

Are your muscles achy from sitting all day? Take a few minutes to stretch and re-focus, targeting different muscle groups for a quick full body stretch.


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