Burnalong Diabetes Program Preview

Check out a preview of the Diabetes Self Management Program that is one of hundreds of guided programs available on Burnalong.

Diabetes Management Program Preview

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This guided program helps equip members with strategies to self manage their diabetes through lessons led by diabetes educators, diabetes fitness specialists, registered dietitians, and mental health professionals. Members who complete this program gain a greater understanding of the following concepts: -healthy eating -importance of physical activity -decreasing diabetic complications -coping with emotional distress as related to diabetes. Members are encouraged to participate in this Diabetes Self Management program 4 days per week for 8 weeks. Each week of programming includes a class in diabetes education, diabetes nutrition, and diabetes fitness and/or mental health.

Below is a playlist featuring sample classes pulled from the Diabetes Self Management Program that is currently available on Burnalong. Instructors featured on this playlist include registered dietitians, trainers, coaches, and diabetes care specialists.

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