Corporate Wellness Institute

Location: Pasadena, CA
Date: November 6-8, 2022

Connect with our co-CEO, Daniel Freedman, and our head of global sales, Igor Karpovich, after our fireside chat with Lewis Forrest focusing on “The new wellness standard: How to make wellness more inclusive.”

Meet with us at CWI


Daniel Freedman

Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Burnalong

Lewis Forrest photo

Lewis Forrest

Associate Dean for University Life at George Mason University


About the event:

Nearly $400 million is wasted every year on unused health and wellness memberships.

The key to maximize employee engagement is to focus on inclusive offerings that reach every single employee, regardless of their age, race, skill, ability, or medical needs. Through diverse instructors, categories, and events, leading employers are seeing culture-altering results as their entire workforces engage in a single solution that brings their community together to solidify connections.

Join us for a fireside chat to learn the new wellness standard that combines the power of local connections to drive engagement with wellness initiatives. 


Whole Mind, Whole Body, Whole Life

About Burnalong

We are a deeply mission-driven company.

Our mission is to change lives by giving people the health and wellbeing programming and support they need.

We do this by working with employers, insurers & brokers across the US and in more than 70 countries, and partnering with 1,000s of wellness professionals, to meet people and their families where they are. We provide the online health and wellbeing programming and social support they need to achieve their goals.

What Makes Burnalong So Great?


Thousands of live and on-demand classes and wellness programs.


Live motivation from friends, family, and co-workers.


Machine Learning tailors the experience to each individual.


Up to 4 free family sub-accounts included with every corporate subscription.

Live Classes

Instructors stream multiple live classes every day across 60+ categories.

Wellness Habits

Trackable wellness habits help to achieve your wellness goals directly in the app.


Team challenges and individual challenges help motivate and engage members.


Data-driven insights and analytics to help adjust and optimize engagement efforts.