Think your company has what it takes to win the Fittest & Healthiest Company challenge?

September 19-October 28, 2022

Are you ready to increase employee engagement, build healthier cultures, and support your teams? Save your spot (as they are limited!) for our sixth annual corporate wellness challenge that sees 5X average employee engagement. Our secret? We are just like you and your employees with a neighborhood vs. Hollywood approach to employee health and wellness.

Here is why you and your company should join the Fittest & Healthiest Company challenge

With 20,000+ live and on-demand classes, and hundreds of curated programs to focus on specific goals and conditions, across 60+ categories, Burnalong offers the only employee wellness challenge that is accessible to all employees regardless of age, ability, race, fitness level, or health goal.

Promote diversity & inclusivity

Offer a corporate wellness challenge that offers a diverse range of content so that everyone can participate and engage.

Nurture belonging

Bring remote and hybrid teams together for a common cause and have whole departments compete together.

Create healthy company cultures

Center your corporate culture around supporting employee health and support healthy teams.

Plan and launch failproof corporate wellness strategies

Wellness challenges are a great way to increase enrollments in your corporate wellness program, improve engagement, and help employees connect around healthy competition.

Especially with dispersed and hybrid teams, wellness challenges can be a way to unify teams or departments around a common goal. They can also help your company stand out as one that prioritizes employee health which can be vital to attracting or retaining top talent.

But in order to reap the benefits of wellness challenges, it does require planning and best practices. We’ve put together seven failproof strategies to make your wellness challenge successful.

Supporting employee health can lead to:

Reduced absenteeism and sick days

Building community across teams

Improved employee productivity

Increased employee engagement

About Burnalong

We meet each person, wherever they are in their wellness journey, with diverse and inclusive programming tailored to fit each unique goal, need, and ability.

With live and on-demand classes taught by thousands of local instructors in 60+ wellness categories—including fitness, nutrition, senior health, adaptive fitness, chronic condition management, financial wellness, mental health, and sleep—each employee will receive the programming, support, and motivation they need to thrive.

Join us to improve employee engagement and health!

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