Filming Best Practices

Tips for filming, posting, and attracting viewers

Always remember the three most important filming tips:

  1. Use a tripod to keep the camera stationary.
  2. When using your mobile phone to record, keep it in a landscape/horizontal position.
  3. Make sure that the full body of the model subject is shown throughout the entire class to ensure that viewers at home get the complete technique and form throughout your training.

Making classes look polished and professional

  1. Keep the camera stationary by using a tripod.
  2. When using your mobile phone to record, keep it in a landscape/horizontal position.  This is a requirement for all videos on Burnalong.
  3. Make sure that the full body of the model subject is shown throughout the entire class to ensure that viewers at home get complete technique and form throughout the workout.
Before you film your class, consider camera placement and the set-up of your location.
  1. Always Make sure you have the right camera angle. Test out various camera angles before you film your class.
  2. Plan your class so that the camera angle doesn’t need to be adjusted during the class.
  3. Position your tripod and recording device so no one gets cut off.  Think about who will be jumping, squatting, raising arms, laying down to do floor work or side steps, etc.
  4. If using a yoga mat or any type of equipment (weight bench, bike, reformer, rollers, etc.) be sure to get some floor space in front. Don’t cut equipment out of the shot.

Lighting is key. It can make or break your video. You don’t need to purchase or use special lights to get a great shot. Just follow these tips.

  1. The most important thing is to make sure you don’t have bright lights in the background. You want the face of the instructor to be towards the light so any shadows are behind them.
  2. Watch out for ceiling lights. Ceiling lights can sometimes create a glare if you capture them in your shot.
  3. If you have a big window and are filming during the day, it’s best to have the camera facing away from the window. Bright sunlight may cause problems with video quality and cars or pedestrians can be distracting to the viewer.

Use a microphone to project your voice. If you don’t have a microphone, read on for some equipment options.

There is a wide variety of external microphones on the market and while the price range for them is equally as broad, a mic in the $30 – $80 price range will definitely do the trick.  Your activity and the location in which you are conducting your class may influence mic choices. The four most common types of microphones to consider are:

  • Wireless lavalier microphones like this one.
  • Wired lavalier microphones like this one.
  • Desktop or condenser microphones like this one.
  • Device-mounted or “shotgun”-style microphones like this one.

Burnalong does not endorse, recommend, or warrant the performance of any of the products listed above. They are provided as examples only.  Please conduct your own research prior to purchasing.

  1. Get rid of extra stuff that isn’t related to your class!!! Props are great — it’s the unrelated stuff to avoid. This includes trash cans, coat racks, electrical cords, fans, papers, and items leaning against the wall.
  2. Do a dry run before you film so you can work out any hiccups.  This may be particularly helpful with your first few classes.
  3. Pick the point-of-view that will be most effective for your clients when taking the class.  In a group class will you and your students both face the camera or do you want to have everyone facing you and the camera in the back of the class (camera films clients’ back and your front)?
  4. TIP: Not enough room for the broad shot? Use a mirror if one is already on the wall.  Just try to shoot into the mirror at an angle so you don’t see the camera in the video. This can take a few minutes to get right but can be a cool trick.
There are many ways to let clients, social media followers, friends, and others know that you are on Burnalong.
  1. Every Burnalong class that you post has a web link that you can send out to them by email or on social media.  Encourage people to watch your class by sharing that link.
  2. The Burnalong team will provide you with discount codes that you may share with your network to bring people to your classes at a reduced Burnalong subscription fee.  To receive your codes, please contact the Burnalong Partner Success Team.
  3. We’ll also provide you with a personalized marketing kit that includes digital and print materials.  To request a partner marketing kit, please complete this form.
If you’ve still got some questions about filming, posting, or promoting classes, don’t worry!  We’ve got tons of resources online to help you and our team is always available to answer questions. Start by checking out some short tutorial videos in our Partner How-To Series: If there’s anything else we can do to be of assistance, please send an email to the Burnalong Partner Success Team.

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