Get your Intentional Goal Setting Toolkit

Empower your team to thrive and achieve their professional and personal aspirations with our comprehensive toolkit designed exclusively for HR leaders. Our Intentional Goal Setting toolkit is a holistic resource to foster a culture of growth and accomplishment within your organization.

This groundbreaking digital toolkit is designed to empower HR leaders in prioritizing intentions and goals with their workforce. This comprehensive toolkit offers an array of resources, including a carefully curated class playlist, engaging social graphics, and event recordings. With these tools at their disposal, HR leaders can foster a supportive and motivational workplace environment, enhancing the professional and personal objectives of their employees.

Gain instant access to Intentional Goal Setting resources (you can actually use).

Here's what's included in the toolkit:

  1. Goal-Oriented Class Playlist: Access a specially curated playlist of Burnalong classes that focus on goal setting and intentional living. 
  2. Printable Intentions Card: Encourage employees to articulate their goals and intentions with a printable intentions card. 

  3. S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting Guide: Empower your team with a comprehensive guide to setting SMART goals. 

  4. Social Media Graphics: Amplify the goal-setting culture across your organization with visually striking social media graphics. 

  5. Digital Badge: Recognize and celebrate achievements with a customizable digital badge. 

  6. Events and Webinars: Elevate the toolkit experience with exclusive events and webinars. Engage with industry experts, share best practices, and create a community of support around intentional goal setting.

This is a preview of what you can expect from the toolkit.

What makes Burnalong Unique

Burnalong combines the best of virtual with 60+ wellbeing categories with flexible and convenient access to in-person facilities nationwide.


50,000+ online classes, multi-language, adaptive and chronic condition programs taught by 10,000+ local instructors across 70 categories.

Social Support

Each member can invite up to four family members or friends to create digital accounts and attend classes together.

Unparalleled Choice

Employees can choose to take live and on-demand classes from home or visit a local gym nationwide.

Personalization and Insights

Customized health journeys based on individual goals, conditions and interest.


Our team provides turnkey implementation and ongoing support using our best practices playbook with engagement collateral and strategies.

No Integration or Setup

Start providing fitness, health and wellbeing to your employees without a long integration or technical setup period.

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