Curated Classes on Mental Health

Burnalong has handpicked classes that will help you to de-stress, reflect, and build mental resilience.

We’re highlighting classes that can help you to focus on your mental health and wellness. Anxiety, stress, depression, and burn-out affect us all at different points in our lives. To help you easily discover resources on Burnalong, we hand-picked a selection of our top classes and best instructors.

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Mental Health 101 - What is Mindfulness?

Megan Delp

Learning about your mental health is half the battle! My Mental Health 101 videos aim to educate about emotion-based skills that can help you better regulate your emotions and calm your mind. This video is about mindfulness – a popular movement right now that can be found in most mental health settings.

Regoaling and the Power of Hope

Darlene Marshall

Regoaling, the process of letting go and creating new goals after your circumstances have changed, is an important skill in coping and dealing with stress. Developed to help parents of sick kids at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, this video walks you through the important steps in regoaling.

Breath technique for calming the nervous system

Jennie Jackson

Learn and practise a simple breath technique for calming the nervous system. A guided practise to help you fill your toolbox as an antidote to stress, overwhelm, anxiety, worry, overwhelm etc. Great for both beginners and experienced.

Depression Life Hacks Session 1

Akai Jackson

Sadness & depression are all too real in today’s society. and it is something that a lot of us or our loved ones deal with on a daily basis. These life hacks can be applied today, to help you combat depression with education and empowerment.

Tips on better digestion & how stress impacts the process

Laurie Schible

Learn some quick tips on improving your digestion and understand how stress impacts this process and can lead to all sorts of challenges


National-Register of-Health-Service-Psychologists

John C. Norcross, PhD, presents a mental health video: “Self-Care”

The Positivity Principle

Julie Reisler

The positivity principle is crucial to a strong sense of worthiness, and is all about the concept that what we focus on expands. If you want your children to feel happy and excited to learn, you must create an environment that stimulates positive self-esteem.

Emotional & Stress Eating: understanding the problem

Tina Fritsch

So many people struggle with emotional and/or stress eating. This video teaches you how to begin to observe and understand “your emotional eating.”

#1 Way to TURBOCHARGE your Motivation

Jonathan McLernon

The POWERFUL way to re-ignite your motivation when you’re in a slump.

3 powerful habits for stressful times

Darlene Marshall

Everyone goes through hard times. There are certain habits that help us weather those challenges. Three of those habits have been shown to be extra effective because they all lower anxiety, decrease the likelihood of depression, boost mood, and increase confidence – all of which increase resilience.

Depression: Signs, Symptoms and Lifestyle Changes

Mark Goldberg

If you are feeling down and are not sure why this is happening, this video will help you understand the signs and symptoms of depressions and some life style changes that you can make to address them.

Stress Break Guided Relaxation 09-14-2020

William Kelley

STRESSED? Take a few minutes to reboot your day with a short guided experience to release anxiety and welcome peace!

Yin Yoga for Sleep and Stress Relief

Laura Rebecca

A full length Yin yoga class to help relax, let go of stress, improve flexibility and sleep.

Principle 7: Dealing With Stress

Noelle Creamer

Principle 7: Teaching Kids How To Deal With Stress Effectively

5 Herbs and Supplements to Help Fight Depression

Jaquel Windbush

Although depression is typically treated with medication and therapy, some people may want to try other safe methods like dietary modifications or supplements to reduce their symptoms. The 5 vitamins and supplements discussed were omega 3’s, B vitamins, rhodiola, magnesium glycinate and vitamin d3.