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TV: Groundbreaking Partnership – YMCAs Bringing Their Classes Online to a Global Audience

“Counter to the narratives we’ve hearing from companies like Peloton and Mirror that brick and mortar is over, it’s the opposite … theres huge demand for local people to see their favorite local instructors online. Someone in the middle of Philadelphia doesn’t want to be told that online they can only see instructors from New York or LA,” Burnalong Co-CEO Daniel Freedman told Patrice Sanders of Fox45. “For companies, they want their employees to find people who they could go to in person and who they find relatable and accessible.” He added that in pre-COVID times only 15% of the population goes to a gym or studio, so wellness professionals have been focused on how to reach the other 85% of the population, and employers have been focused on how to get that 85% of the population the programming they need. COVID has just turned that 85% to 100% of the population. “

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