The importance of digital and on-demand wellness

Learn how and why to support employee and member wellness during the COVID crisis with on-demand wellness programming.

Meet our featured speakers

Dr. Marie Vazquez Morgan (PhD, PT)

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Institutional Wellness at LSU Health Shreveport

Liaison and health promotion resource to LSUHS communities

Mark Alexander

Customer Success Manager at Burnalong

Former Professional Basketball Player,
Coach, Wellness Consultant

About the Event

With today’s COVID crisis, it is more vital than ever to provide accessible wellness options that meet the needs, and abilities, of your entire workforce and their families.

With the rise in burnout amongst employees, evolving needs with childcare as schools open/go remote, and shifting work models as organizations try to find the safest options, wellness can often be forgotten in the shuffle.

However, now, more than ever before is the time to focus on employee wellness with effective programs, engaging classes, and flexible options to fit every employee’s schedule.

Join us for a conversation with Dr. Marie Vazquez Morgan, PhD, PT and Mark Alexander II for a discussion on the value and importance of on-demand and digital wellness for your employees.

What you'll learn:

What led LSU Health Shreveport to shift to a digital wellness option

Results from the partnership and why on-demand classes made the difference

Key strategies applied by our Customer Success team to aid in employee engagement

Tips for how you can focus on employee wellness with on-demand corporate wellness offerings

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About Burnalong

We meet each person, wherever they are in their wellness journey, with diverse and inclusive programming tailored to fit each unique goal, need, and ability.

With live and on-demand classes taught by thousands of local instructors in 60+ wellness categories—including fitness, nutrition, senior health, adaptive fitness, chronic condition management, financial wellness, mental health, and sleep—each employee will receive the programming, support, and motivation they need to thrive.

Are you looking for on-demand wellness support?

Check out our case study with LSU Health Shreveport to see how we helped them

reach increased employee engagement, family enrollment, and more.