How to improve employee population health

Reach at-risk employees and improve population health with these core tips, plus, get a preview of anticipated outcomes when you reach every single person


In this paper, you will learn:

Most common health insurance claims for employers in the US

How to most effectively prevent and treat common chronic conditions

What to consider in a digital health solution that will reach at-risk employees

Anticipated outcomes once you improve population health and address chronic conditions

“Burnalong gave us a simple way to engage and recognize immediate positive interactions. In a time of so much uncertainty and isolation, this is a wonderful community, providing hope and energy to face what’s next. Most importantly, Burnalong meets people where they are, at a moment in time and provides something of value.”

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Reduce healthcare costs and reach at-risk populations

As annual claims reports come in from your health plans and insurance benefits consultants, employers are seeing a steady increase in costs per contract across main subscribers, spouses, and dependents.

According to SHRM, US employers are anticipating their group health plan premiums to increase by an average increase of 5%; health claims costs are also expected to rise in 2022. The general thought is that costs are quickly returning to pre-COVID levels.

If you are looking to effectively manage population health and reduce claims costs, we’ve got a full study ready for you. Here, we’ll dive into a high-level overview of what the core concerns are and what others are implementing to address population health for their employees.

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