b's Grand Gesture

bs Grand Gesture

WELCOME TO b’s GRAND GESTURE, the challenge with a $1,000 prize!

I, b, am delighted to introduce to you my new exciting game. I have invited all instructors on Burnalong to grow their content library and have a shot at winning $1,000!

Better your shot at winning by posting classes, and make sure to check out the weekly opportunities for promotion on Burnalong!

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The Challenge

bs Grand GestureWelcome to b’s Grand Gesture! The Challenge that invites all instructors on Burnalong to grow their content library and have a shot at winning $1,000!

I, b, am delighted to introduce to you my new exciting game!

Instructors who post the most classes from 10/01 until 11/30 will win! The Top 3 (by number of classes posted) will each receive their $1,000 the day after the contest finishes!

There’s also $500 on the line for any instructor who posts at least 10 classes. Those instructors will be entered into a raffle that will be drawn on 12/01 with the winner announced the same day!

Make sure to keep an eye out for weekly challenges to maximize your publicity by getting added to Promoted Playlists!

Classes must be of quality in order to be counted. If you have any questions about the quality of your classes feel free to review the Class Quality Self-Assessment.

Click here for full contest rules.

New inspirations every week

Follow along each week for new inspiration to keep your classes fresh and exciting! You’ll find the latest in your email. Want me to raise it up a level? Classes posted within the theme will be added to a playlist that we promote user-wide! Just post your class and submit the URL here!
Week 7: Be Moving

7 inspirations in and I couldn’t be prouder of you. The creativity, the enthusiasm, the obvious passion you have for your expertise is absolutely scintillating! With just 3 days left in this contest, I thought it was time to b moving!

So that’s the message! Encourage movement to your students in all of your classes. Discuss the role movement and activity can play in your area of wellness. There’s so many opportunities to be creative here so go nuts!

Create classes like that and I will add it to my official playlist: b Moving and Well! (That playlist gets sent out to all our users!)

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Grow your following and content library

Help more people in the Burnalong community

Earn placement on Promoted Playlists every week!

Win GREAT prizes throughout the contest

Keep going to win!

Post amazing new classes from now until November 30th to win.

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