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Become an instructor

General & Getting Started

To become an instructor on BurnAlong, visit and create your account in just three steps. You’ll then be logged into the BurnAlong For Instructors Control Panel where you can create and update your profile, add your certifications, and post classes.

Yes. BurnAlong requires all instructors to hold a valid certification for the discipline in which they are providing content.

Maintaining an exhaustive list of certifications across all content areas is not always possible. If your certification is not in the dropdown list, please add it in your bio and email us so we can add it to our list.

No. Just the opposite. As a BurnAlong instructor, you can earn revenue from people viewing your content.

No. BurnAlong instructors record classes in a variety of locations including gyms and studios, homes, offices, outdoor venues, and many more.

Absolutely not. In fact, BurnAlong is a great way for instructors and clients to make an initial connection or to work together between in-person sessions. We encourage BurnAlong instructors to let local users know how to find them offline.

Actually, it’s both. BurnAlong instructors can post classes, update profile details, and manage their business from either the web or from our iOS and Android apps.

As a partner, you should download and use the BurnAlong For Instructors app available in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store.

BurnAlong works on Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox.

To post classes on BurnAlong, you or a member of your team must be designated as an instructor under the business profile.



Earning Revenue, Reaching Clients, and Tracking Progress

An explanation of the partner compensation structure is below.


  • Step 1: Each month, BurnAlong sets aside 20% of our subscription revenue as a pool to be shared with our partners.
  • Step 2: We divide that 20% among the partners based on the minutes that their classes are viewed as a percentage of total minutes viewed.
  • Step 3: At the end of each quarter we total up everything and send you a payment.

As an example only, if your classes account for 1% of the total minutes viewed on the platform in a particular month, you’ll get 1% of the revenue share pool.

At the first quarterly pay cycle that an instructor is due a share of the revenue pool, the instructor will receive an email invitation to our electronic payment system called Justworks. Bank information for direct deposit will be entered by the instructor at that time.

No. There are no fees for instructors.

The people who view classes on BurnAlong have a subscription to the platform that gives them access to everything in our library. They may subscribe as an individual user, through a wellness program offered by their employer or a member organization, or as a family member of one of those corporate users.

The BurnAlong community is continuously growing with members looking for health and wellness content on a daily basis.

As shown below, each of your classes has a direct link, found in the Class Edit screen of your Instructor Control Panel, that you can share by email, social media, on your website, or wherever else people keep up with you. Just copy and paste!


Yes. Just ask them to register as a BurnAlong member at

Once you get your first class published, ask us about discount codes that you can share with your clients to make BurnAlong subscriptions available to them at a discounted annual or monthly fee.

Yes.  There are actually several.

  • Ratings and Reviews: Your viewers can rate your class from 1 to 5 stars and write reviews about them.  You’ll be notified when someone leaves either and you’ll be able to respond right from the app.
  • View Counts: In the BurnAlong For Instructors mobile app, each class will have a view count below it.
  • Coming soon: A partner dashboard that will allow you to see your most popular classes, changes in class views, and other trends so you can optimize your classes.

Creating and Posting Classes


On BurnAlong, you actually have a few choices for managing your classes:

  • Live & On-Demand: Stream your classes live and then make them available for replay.
  • Live only: Only live stream your classes but then don’t publish them for replay.
  • On-Demand Only: Record your classes and then make them available on BurnAlong.

With the BurnAlong For Instructors mobile app you can film and post classes right from your phone.  

Other filming options include using your computer’s built-in camera or using an external camera.  With either of those options you can upload your class from the BurnAlong Control Panel on the web.

We strongly recommend that in order to get the best sound quality in your videos you use an external microphone compatible with your device.

Always remember our three important filming tips:

  1. Keep the camera stationary
  2. If you’re using your phone to record, keep the phone in a landscape/horizontal position.
  3. Make sure that the full body of the model subject is shown throughout the entire class to ensure that viewers at home get complete technique and form throughout the workout

Watch this short video to learn how to prepare your device for recording.


There is a wide variety of external microphones on the market and while the price range for them is equally as broad, a mic in the $30 – $80 price range will definitely do the trick. Your activity and the location in which you are conducting your class may influence mic choices. The four most common types of microphones to consider are:

  • Wireless lavalier microphones like this one.

Wireless lav mic

  • Wired lavalier microphones like this one.

  • Desktop or condenser microphones like this one.
  • Device-mounted or “shotgun”-style microphones like this one.

BurnAlong does not endorse, recommend, or warrant the performance of any of the products listed above. They are provided as examples only. Please conduct your own research prior to purchasing.

If your videos have been getting hit with an error on upload, there's a good chance it's because you edited it in iMovie or Final Cut Pro, which has been giving us some trouble lately. We're working on a solution, but for right now, iMovie & FCP files don't seem to be able to be uploaded. Don't worry we have a quick fix!

The Fix: Open your video in QuickTime Player. Then click 'File --> Export As --> 1080p' and click 'Save'. Re-upload to BurnAlong and you're set!

Class length will vary based on the instruction being given. Classes on BurnAlong range in length from just a few minutes to over an hour. Users can use class duration as a filter when searching for the right class.

While we can’t give specific legal advice on the topic of music, we can share with you how others have addressed it:

  • Use royalty-free music.
  • Use music that you have purchased the rights to.
  • Remove music during the class but add a link in the class description to the Spotify / Pandora (or other streaming service) playlist you use . (Note – it is possible to remove the sound after the class is recorded).
  • Live streaming may provide more flexibility based on the licenses you already have.


First, make sure you are using either Chrome or Firefox.  If you’re using one of those browsers but still cannot login, please be sure that you are entering your credentials for the site at

Make sure that you are using the BurnAlong For Instructors app. Instructors cannot log into their control panel from the BurnAlong client app.

one Your class may be missing some of the required data. In addition to the video, classes should have the following data fields filled in:

  • Class Name
  • Class Category
  • Class Level
  • Instructor
  • Class Description

In order to publish the class once all data is entered, you MUST two check the Content Provider Agreement box, three check Publish class after save, and four click the Save/Update button. Your class will then move to PUBLISHED status.


New BurnAlong instructors must be approved based on a check of their certifications and a review of their first video to be sure it follows our filming guidelines.

This is a necessary step to ensure that instructors are properly certified and that videos look and sound great.

The approval process starts when your first class is set to be published and typically takes no more than a few hours.

From the mobile app, open the class editor and click Remove Class at the bottom of the screen.

From the web app, uncheck the Publish After Save box and it will be removed from the platform.

The class record will still show in your list view but it will no longer be visible to BurnAlong members.