Quick Tips for Posting Your Intro Video

Introduce Yourself!

One of the awesome things about Burnalong is how engaged the users become with the Instructors on the platform. The key to creating that amazing connection between instructor and client is all about trust: the trust that the Instructor can bring results to the client! But the most successful Instructors at Burnalong are more than trustworthy. They are authentic. They lead with their heart and showcase themselves to the community, and that leads to results! Stronger engagement and higher revenue earnings are achieved by partners who present themselves as who they are, and the role they can play in the lives of their clients.

Where to Start

Keep it Simple, Be Yourself, and Welcome Your Audience

Most intro videos don’t need to be more than a few minutes in length. You’re looking to give users a glimpse into your story, your style, and your process. Consider the following questions as prompts for your intro video!
  1. When was the first time you started focusing on wellness?
  2. What kinds of classes will you be posting?
  3. What part of the wellness journey are you grateful for?
  4. How will you support beginners and challenge experts?
  5. How should people feel during and after taking your class?
  6. What made you want to get certified in your field?
  7. What should people expect from you? What will you expect from your clients?

Great Example of an Introduction

Notice how Rosa immediately establishes her role by saying “I will be your Burnalong Instructor”, and then showcases her personality and style with that line “I wanted you to meet me – all of me!”. She discusses her ‘Why’ and gives a short description of the kinds of classes users can expect to take.

Ready to Post?

Take a look at this video that walks you through posting that Intro Video!