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Join Burnalong’s community of gyms and clubs who all get paid to post classes online. Teach across 60+ health, fitness, and wellness categories where our online community members may already be looking for a gym! It’s so EASY to get started and it’s completely free. 

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Offer more value to your Members

With Burnalong you can offer fitness and wellness to your members 24/7 – in over 60 categories. Meet members where they are with the support they need – from fitness to meditation, mental health, financial wellness, sleep, support for chronic disease, and more

Connect with Your Members 24/7

Burnalong seamlessly maintains a strong connection with your members, extending beyond the four walls of your facility. Your members can take classes from their favorite instructors, with their friends, on their schedule.

Connect outside the gym

Grow Your Virtual Members

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Burnalong empowers you to cultivate a thriving virtual membership that extends beyond the confines of your physical location. Let us market your classes to our 1 million end users, no matter where they live. Through Burnalong, you can seamlessly connect with a broader audience, providing valuable services while expanding your reach.

Earn Additional Revenue

Turn virtual (live or on-demand) classes into revenue. You don’t need to budget for Burnalong, instead you get paid when Burnalong members take your classes.

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