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Prioritizing health and wellbeing throughout the summer in the workplace is crucial for fostering a thriving and productive team Burnalong’s Summer Essentials Toolkit is a comprehensive toolkit dedicated to supporting your employees’ health and wellbeing through the summer months.

Gain instant access to our summer essentials resources.

Here's what's included in the toolkit:

  • A video playlist packed with diverse workouts perfect for travel, insightful sunscreen and hydration tips, practical summer budgeting advice, and delicious summer recipes, this collection has everything you need to make the most of the sunny season.
  • Event recordings, such as Finding the Benefits of Nature Wherever You Are and Staying Active While You Travel
  • Blogs promoting a safe and healthy summer.

This is a preview of what you can expect from the toolkit.

What makes Burnalong Unique

Burnalong combines the best of virtual with 70+ wellbeing categories with flexible and convenient access to in-person facilities nationwide.


50,000+ online classes, multi-language, adaptive and chronic condition programs taught by 10,000+ local instructors across 70 categories.

Social Support

Each member can invite up to four family members or friends to create digital accounts and attend classes together.

Unparalleled Choice

Employees can choose to take live and on-demand classes from home or visit a local gym nationwide.

Personalization and Insights

Customized health journeys based on individual goals, conditions and interest.


Our team provides turnkey implementation and ongoing support using our best practices playbook with engagement collateral and strategies.

No Integration or Setup

Start providing fitness, health and wellbeing to your employees without a long integration or technical setup period.

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