How to Create a Culture of Wellness

Join HR leader, Richard Butler, to learn how he was able to successfully create a culture of wellness for the city of Pittsburgh with program overhauls, inclusion of family, and successful strategies you too can implement.


Industry Leaders

Richard Butler

HR Manager for Talent and
Wellness Development for City of Pittsburgh

Successfully created culture of wellness;
Coach, DEI consultant, Adjust Professor

Mark Alexander

Customer Success Manager
at Burnalong

Former Professional Basketball Player, 
Coach, Wellness Consultant

About the Event

Finding a corporate health and wellness solution is important but many HR leaders find it is the implementation, engagement, and facilitating internal culture shifts where they struggle most.

How do you move from focusing simply on fitness or sports to creating a culture that centers around holistic health and wellness? How can programming impact healthcare costs for both employees and their dependents?

Join us for a fireside chat on December 15 at 1 PM ET with Richard Butler, HR Manager of Talent and Wellness for the city of Pittsburgh, moderated by Mark Alexander, Customer Success Manager at Burnalong. We’ll discuss how Richard has helped his employees lose more than 1,000 pounds in 2021, drop 168 BMI points, remove 8 medications, and manage diabetes cases with lifestyle and reduced medications. 

What You'll Learn

Key steps and programs to create a culture of wellness at your organization

How, when, and why to include an employee's family in programs

Methods to increase employee engagement with health and wellness

Campaigns and strategies to shift perspectives and create lasting change

Ready to Create a Corporate Culture of Wellness?

About Burnalong

We are a deeply mission-driven company. Our mission is to change lives by giving people the health and wellbeing programming and support they need. We do this by working with employers, insurers, and brokers across the US and in more than 70 countries, and partnering with 1,000s of wellness professionals, to meet people and their families where they are. We provide the online health and wellbeing programming and social support they need to achieve their goals.

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