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Design Your Life with Pernille Spiers-Lopez

IKEA's former Global CHRO and President of IKEA North America


Hear IKEA’s former Global CHRO and President of IKEA North America, Pernille Spiers-Lopez, explain how HR stars can bring innovation to their companies and begin thinking about corporate wellbeing holistically.

Pernille also shared concrete advice for HR leaders and HR professionals looking to climb the corporate ladder.

Duration: 45 min 30 sec


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Meet the Presenter

Pernille Spiers-Lopez is an internationally recognized and respected human resources and business leader, speaker, and author.

During her tenure as President of IKEA North America (2001-2009), Pernille lead the fastest expansion ever within IKEA. Under her direction the retailer grew from 15 stores nationally to 38 stores. She then held the title of Global CHRO for the IKEA Group and its 135,000 employees.

Pernille is also the co-founder with her daughter of Good Life Designed and author of Design Your Life. Design Your Life has become the platform for her to effectively share, coach and mentor the many people who are committed to pursuing their fullest potential and design their best life.

In addition to speaking across the globe, Pernille serves on the boards of Meijer Corporation, ECCO, Save The Children International London and US and Homeboy Industries.

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