How to Support Employee Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being

How to Support Employee Mental Health
and Emotional Well-Being

About the Event:

Mental health and well-being took center stage during open enrollment this year. With nearly two years into the pandemic, a rise in employee burnout, and a looming “turnover tsunami,” the focus on workplace wellness is both a reaction to current circumstances and a preventative measure to protect the health of employees.

This investment is to protect personnel but also finances. More than 200 million workdays are lost annually due to mental health conditions, costing around $16.8 billion each year in direct employee productivity.

However, organizations that provide employee mental health services improve their employees’ overall health, reduce burnout, and will experience increased productivity.

How can employers provide services, support, and resources that will positively impact employees and their families? What policies and values need to shift to demonstrate a commitment to the holistic health of your workforce? How has employee mental health support evolved in recent years and what are upcoming trends that HR leaders should consider? What does your organization need to offer inclusive mental health services?

Join Dr. Jess Williams, PsyD, MSW and Bianca Coleman, Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager and Mental Health Champion in a conversation with Burnalong’s Co-CEO, Daniel Freedman, to learn what organizations must do to support employee mental health and wellness through:

Support Employee Mental Health


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About the Speakers

Daniel Freedman is the Co-CEO of Burnalong (www.Burnalong.com), an online video and social motivation platform that works with companies, cities, universities, hospitals, and insurers. He is a former columnist for Forbes and began his career at the Wall Street Journal. He is the co-author of the award-winning, NYT top-10 bestseller, “The Black Banners: The Inside Story of 9/11 and the War Against al-Qaeda.” Daniel previously held senior roles at the United Nations, intelligence consultancy TSG, Apploi, and the U.S. Senate. He also co-founded CyecureBox, a counter-espionage product.

Bianca Coleman has been in the biotech industry for 21 years. She is a Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager and Mental Health Champion. Bianca’s interest in mental health awareness in the workplace stems from her personal experience living with depression and anxiety. She first started experiencing anxiety attacks after the passing of her mother in 2006, but it wasn’t until her father passed away in 2017 that she was given a diagnosis. After about a year of struggling internally, Bianca decided that she was going to bring her authentic self to work and speak her truth. Bianca is committed to fostering inclusion by helping to end the stigma around mental health in the workplace, and by doing her part to ensure that mental health and wellness discussions are normalized in professional arenas.

Dr. Jess Williams is a Mental Health and Well-being Leader as well as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion advocate who is committed to redesigning workplaces to help foster belonging and well-being amongst their employees. She currently leads the Mental Health and Well-being program for Genentech/Roche, a Biopharmaceutical Company in San Francisco. Dr. Jess Williams is also the founder of INSPIRE-ology, a boutique coaching and consulting firm that focuses on issues of diversity, inclusion and wellness. Through this role, she partners with organizations to provide change management programs with a goal of building more authentic and engaging work experiences. When she is not advocating for diversity, inclusivity and wellness in organizations, she works with upcoming clinicians on career planning, research focusing on underrepresented communities, and community engagement and outreach.

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