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“I’ve been working out at home for several years, but I was always looking for some change, some variety. You eventually get tired of repeating the same videos over and over. BurnAlong helped me to find the variety I had been looking for, without leaving the comfort of my home. The videos are done with real people, which gives me motivation. I also have a great personal trainer who puts together routines for me according to my expectations — Alison is great! And you cannot beat the price. I highly recommend BurnAlong to anyone looking for a workout program at home or on the go for busy people.”

— Maria, BurnAlong user

Every Class and Category You Can Imagine

 Choose from a huge variety of bootcamp, yoga, strength training, barre, cardio, core, cycling, dance, kickboxing, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), self-defense, martial arts, stretching, meditation, restorative, prenatal, rehabilitation, and healing classes offered at every fitness level.

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Take your workout to the next level with high-intensity, heart-pounding bootcamps will leave you feeling strong and powerful. Shred inches off your waist while building strength and increasing endurance.


Challenge your body, increase flexibility and find balance with a mix of invigorating and grounding flows centered around connecting breath to movement. Classes range anywhere from healing and restorative-based practices to advanced levels of power vinyasa.


Build strength, increase stamina, tone the glutes, arms, chest and abdominals and get your daily dose of cardio with a wide-variety of bodyweight workouts offered at every fitness level. Whether you’re just getting started or workout everyday, there’s a bodyweight class that is perfect for you.


Small, isometric movements combined with ballet fundamentals help you tone your body and burn fat, all while having fun. Choose from a mix of classic, cardio and pilates-based barre classes that will challenge your body while you pulse to the beat.

Workout With Friends

You’re 65% more likely to hit your fitness goals if you involve a friend. BurnAlong makes this easy by letting you exercise with up to three friends on your computer, phone or tablet in live, private sessions where you can see and hear each other.

Personalized Fitness Programs

Hit your fitness goals in stride with BurnAlong’s 6-week, tailored workout programs that include a wide variety of workouts at every fitness level. Each week, you’ll receive emails featuring your daily exercises, encouragement, and tips and tricks on how to live a healthier and more active lifestyle.

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