On-Demand Employee Wellness Software Built for Today's World

Help your company and employees thrive in today's changed world with an online employee wellness platform that builds social connections between employees across cities and continents. Meet your workforce and their families where they are: both physically (whether they're remote, in the office, or on the road) and according to their needs — with 13,000 live and on-demand classes covering physical, emotional, and financial wellness.
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BurnAlong has 5x the Engagement
of Traditional Wellness Programs

Employees can choose classes from more than 2,000 instructors spanning 45+ categories of fitness and care. A truly inclusive online wellness experience, BurnAlong offers everything from traditional fitness, to programs for chronic conditions, and even specialized content for mental health, stress, financial wellbeing, and more.

HR Teams & Employers

BurnAlong gives employees the motivation and tools to reach and sustain their health & wellness goals.


BurnAlong works directly with companies and also partners with leading brokers, insurers, and wellness portals — and data can flow directly to and from other platforms.

Insurers & Brokers

Everyday insurers and brokers rely on BurnAlong’s wellness platform to provide a differentiator in the marketplace.

Employee Wellness Built for
Today's New World

Leading employers are working with BurnAlong to support their employees, wherever they are working from. Investing in the employee experience increases engagement, improves motivation, and leads to more connected teams. BurnAlong supports the new employee experience with these four company culture shifts:

Invest in Team Culture

Having common wellness goals and challenges builds comradery and connects hybrid workforces—no matter where they are located.

Recreate Social Connections

Build cross-functional relationships and moments of “casual collisions” through social classes that teammates can experience, together.

Offer Inclusive Programming

Develop wellness offerings that include employee’s families and social circles to support your workforce holistically and increase engagement.

Build Wellness Habits

Include stretch breaks, schedule wellness blocks, or start meetings with mindfulness moments to protect teams from burnout.

Whole Mind, Whole Body, Whole Life

Why Choose BurnAlong?

An Online Wellness Platform with Integrated Social Support for Everybody

  • Choice and Diversity

    Thousands of live and on-demand classes and wellness programs, mirroring the diversity of your workforce.

  • Social Connection

    Invite others to join live or on-demand classes. Get real motivation while you spend time with friends, family, and co-workers.

  • Personalization

    Machine learning for guidance. Access anytime, anywhere — via phones, tablets, computers, and smart TVs.


You're in Good Company

BurnAlong is a customizable corporate wellness platform, scalable to even the largest enterprises to keep everyone under your care healthy and engaged.

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Diverse Wellness Platform for a Diverse Population

BurnAlong's software offers 1000's of on-demand and live-streamed wellness classes across 45+ categories including mindfulness, stress management, nutrition, diabetes support, adaptive workouts, and more.


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With BurnAlong, give your employees — and their families — the online health and wellness programming they need and the social motivation of friends, family, and co-workers to do it.

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