Give People What They Actually Need.
Personalized Online Well-Being Classes and Social Motivation for Everybody.

Everybody is Unique, Treat Them That Way.

Traditional wellness programming doesn’t work. BurnAlong does.

Described by INC Magazine as “Pioneering a New Approach to Wellness (That Actually Sticks)” BurnAlong helps individuals and employees (and their families) achieve their health and wellness goals. It starts with personalized online video classes and programs (1,000+ classes across 45+ categories). And stay motivated with group classes (including live classes) with people you invite.

BurnAlong users include insurance plans, cities, hospitals, universities, senior centers, and companies across the globe. Members of our wellness partners and individuals are also empowered by BurnAlong.

BurnAlong members range from amateur athletes to people struggling with chronic conditions. The youngest is 6-weeks old (Mommy and Me classes) the oldest is 97 (and counting).

Choice + Diversity

100s of Instructors teach classes across 45+ categories — across physical, mental, and financial wellness. Mirroring the diversity of your population and inspiring widespread participation.

Social Motivation

Take classes live with friends, family, or co-workers for real social motivation. Set personal, group, or company-wide goals and challenges. Benefit from community support.

Expert Guidance

Follow programs with trainers and coaches, or get smart recommendations driven by machine learning.

Including those Struggling

Programming and motivation for those who struggle to achieve their health and wellness goals, and for every step of life’s journey,  including prenatal, kids, college, adult, fit over 50, diabetes, chronic conditions, stress, insomnia, financial wellness, and more.

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Inspiring Stories

From heart attacks to diabetes to spinal infusion to wanting to spend more time with kids, BurnAlong community members inspire us with their stories.

Featured Instructors

Bringing you top instructors from across the globe.

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