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Burnalong is a wellness and fitness app that supports organization's well-being with a web and mobile app.
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Improved health and wellbeing for everyone

We meet each person, wherever they are in their journey to better health, with diverse and inclusive programming tailored to fit each unique goal, need, and ability.

Whether you rely mainly on our core platform or benefit from our additional services to build thriving cultures, every Burnalong solution delivers against our six evidence-based principles:

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Let’s improve population health, together

We combine our industry-leading digital health platform with immersive experiences, and ongoing enablement, to drive impact for your organization and help you reach your goals. We offer three core solutions:

Support your people with our core platform

Every person can find what they need to progress in their journey to better health with the most diverse range of online classes, wellbeing categories, and certified instructors available.

Offer customized materials and experiences

Increase your impact by empowering your population with our immersive content and events (we’ll do all the heavy lifting).

Build a culture of wellness with Burnalong

Make health a defining part of your organizational culture and measure success in business outcomes including performance, DEI alignment, and retention goals.

We’re trusted by employers, governments, health plans, and medical professionals

It’s an honor to serve each population to help them reach their potential. Here’s what they have to say about our partnership:

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Employee Wellness App FAQ

Whether the need is to have employees gain access to a corporate wellness app or have a tailored remote corporate wellness program, Burnalong can significantly foster greater employee engagement.

We help those who have a vested interest in the holistic wellness of groups. These may be benefits consultants, hospitals, or employers.

If you’re a head of HR or a head of benefits, or you have oversight in one of these areas, Burnalong has the tools and facilities to help create tailored wellness solutions.

If you want to reach out to the Burnalong team about wellness program apps, training programs, or an overall discussion about the value that we can bring to you, there are multiple options available.

First, you may call us at (855) 494-6377. Alternatively, you may use the chat popup window to speak with one of our representatives in real time or email us at [email protected].

There’s a reason why we use the term “corporate wellness training programs.” Physical health is incredibly important, but it’s often thought of as the only essential element of wellness.

Therefore, there tends to be a lack of focus on mental health, which leaves a large part of a person’s well-being unsupported.

We believe that no one achieves wellness unless all facets of health are accounted for. This includes physical, emotional, mental, financial, and chronic condition management.

Through the experience we’ve garnered, we can create a corporate wellness program that will align with your business needs, but we do understand that a visual representation is helpful in making decisions for any firm.

We offer a demo of our solution, concisely covering all the essentials that key decision makers would need.

Once you’ve requested a session, a team member will reach out to you to set up a time for your demo and explore the benefits and unique features of the Burnalong platform.

We’re not the only company with employer wellness program ideas in the industry. Why should you choose us over one of the other options available?

We strive to cater inclusively. Users could be anywhere in their health journey. Some may be active and fit, while others may just be starting. Our programs can meet people where they are and assist them in getting where they need to be with their health goals.

Additionally, our areas of specialization are diverse. We have classes on Parkinson’s Disease, yoga with your pet, chronic conditions, mindfulness, alongside other adaptive programs.

As a corporate holistic wellness program, we are committed to delivering a well-constructed program that covers all of the wellbeing bases.

Our motivation is a genuine desire for there to be health and wellness programs that appeal to a variety of audiences. In fact, this is why Burnalong was created.

Co-founders Daniel and Mike had grandmothers struggling with cancer and weight challenges. Their conditions were worsened by not focusing on the necessary programming to manage the health conditions.

Unfortunately, the standard fitness videos featuring young instructors in great shape weren’t inspiring the focus and change necessary. However, they were quite motivated by relatable and inclusive content, especially with loved ones cheering them on and socially supporting them.

Following this, conversations started with insurers, wellness professionals, doctors, HR, and others, which confirmed there was a broader crisis to be addressed.

From a corporate wellness program consultant, to an HR Manager, to anyone who has a stake in the wellbeing of employees, we’ve helped them all. If you want to see what they have to say about the Burnalong experience, you can review it on our testimonials page.

That’s not what Burnalong is about. From health risk assessments to employee wellness apps, you often find that providers use a one size fits all approach when different “sizes” are needed to fit different needs.

Our approach to health and wellness is different, as we want to better understand where each user is, so we can offer the help necessary to support them on their health and fitness journey.

We offer more than 50,000 classes across more than 100 programs with 70+ categories taught by more than 10,000 instructors.

Regardless of who you are or where you stand in your health journey, we have something for you, and our library will only continue to grow.

Post-sale, we continue to focus on supporting you and your employees and focus on creating an end-to-end marketing engagement strategy specific to your needs. There is tailored ongoing support and we use the insights to improve our offering continuously.

Yes. It may be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. We also have a web-based version of our platform.

Yes. Though our focus has traditionally been on the digital approach, we are now offering in-person classes at 10,000+ local gyms with Burnalong+. Of course, this may be paired with the typical solutions we offer.

If you’re interested after seeing our demo, then we begin with our tailored onboarding process, designed to align our inclusive and relatable content with the unique, varied needs of your employees. We’ll schedule a launch date for your organization and answer any questions you may have as a new Burnalong client.