AI-Powered Recommendations Make Wellness Personal with Burnalong

Rebrand and Product Updates Launch to Global Audience

Baltimore, MD – Burnalong today announced the completion of a rebranding with product updates focused on personalization. The rebrand and product updates went into effect December 1 to support the ongoing growth of holistic wellness offerings on the platform to Burnalong clients and members, worldwide.

The rebrand reflects the growth of Burnalong as they focus on comprehensive wellness and positively impacting the lives of those underserved with traditional fitness programs. With the continued demand for quality at-home programming, it is vital that wellness is accessible and not centered around the mainstream elite instructors that do not reflect the diversity of users. This shift reflects Burnalong’s belief that wellness is personal and in order for each person to thrive, they require programming and support that is relatable, inclusive, diverse, local, and tailored.

The translation of the rebrand into the product includes a fresh, modern look and updated messaging. The product updates also include improved personalization through AI-powered recommendations meant to inspire action and create custom programming to support each individual’s goals, abilities, needs, and wellness level.

Rebrand and product updates include:

  • Improved member experience with a fresh look and simplified navigation
  • Authentic support and guidance with AI-powered recommendations based on member goals, conditions, and history
  • Personalized wellness with revamped onboarding and algorithm updates to improve tailored experiences in the platform

Burnalong is committed to continual improvement and innovation for the benefit of its members and has additional exciting updates on the roadmap, being released throughout the next year.

These updates will allow members to more easily access what is most relevant to them from the diverse library of 14,000+ live and on-demand classes taught by 2,500+ local instructors across nearly 50 wellness categories. With 39% of all Burnalong classes taken in non-fitness categories including mental health, chronic condition support, stress management, sleep, financial wellness, senior workouts, nutrition, physical therapy, meditation, and more–it is clear that members are looking for support and guidance that is tailored to their needs.

With a continued focus on improvement, Burnalong is positioned to provide this support and meet every person wherever they are in their wellness journey with the encouragement and guidance required to make progress.

Mike Kott, co-CEO of Burnalong stated, “We are committed to the continual growth of our offerings so that every wellness journey can be personalized and meet people wherever they are in their wellness journey. With this rebrand and product updates, we look forward to providing more opportunities for our members to find relevant content offered by our local instructors in our diverse range of wellness categories. There are great things to explore now and even more exciting growth on the horizon.”

You can learn more about the updates and how Burnalong is uniquely positioned to better serve your employee populations by scheduling a quick call with us: https://www.Burnalong.com/demo/

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