America’s Healthiest Company Winners Are Medical Professionals and Healthcare Workers

Burnalong Platform Supports Practitioners with Holistic Wellness Programming in Annual Challenge

Baltimore, MD – Burnalong, the world’s leading health, wellness, and social motivation platform, announces the winners of the annual America’s Healthiest Company Challenge, an inclusive 6-week contest for businesses, healthcare systems, organizations, and municipalities. The winning companies, by size and sub-category, are healthcare and medical organizations that invested in the health and wellness of their employees after a grueling 18 months of the pandemic.

The 2021 winners of America’s Healthiest Company and City, by category, are:

Since 2018, Burnalong has hosted the competition for companies and cities to compete against each other, taking classes across nearly 50 diverse wellness categories for the exclusive title. Participating companies and cities received turnkey marketing resources to engage employees, automated reporting, and a unifying challenge across their entire workforce to pursue wellness. Eligible classes and categories include mental health and chronic condition support, fitness, mindfulness, nutrition, financial literacy, parenting classes, Tai Chi, Fit Over 50, cancer wellness, strength, adaptive workouts, and so much more. 

This year, dozens of companies participated from all over the country to complete thousands of minutes of classes via the Burnalong platform. Unlike traditional fitness challenges, Burnalong’s competition for America’s Healthiest Company allows for all employees to participate in live and on-demand classes, regardless of ability, fitness level, age, interest, or location because all wellness categories count towards the final number of minutes completed by each organization. The challenge ran from September 7-October 15, 2021.

This inclusive and accessible approach expands the traditional definition of benefits for each employee, and their family members with four sub-accounts included in their membership, to engage in wellness activities that fit their goals, interests, and conditions. Currently, 26 percent of US adults identify as having some type of disability, requiring varying levels of adaptive support and programming. Further, 150+ million Americans report chronic health conditions and 40 percent of adults are medically obese. Inclusive wellness challenges that meet employees wherever they are in their wellness journey are vital to improving overall health and mitigating healthcare costs. 

To encourage employee participation, top companies ran internal challenges to motivate their teams, posted flyers to build awareness, and encouraged full teams to regularly take classes on the Burnalong platform. Select companies also included employee family members in the challenges to increase social motivation to keep employees engaged and working towards their collective wellness goals.

“By registering CMS as an America’s Healthiest Company participant, I felt it would promote the much-needed support, encouragement, and social connection that would allow our employees to take the time throughout their workday to take care of their total wellness with their teams, coworkers, and external networks in unprecedented times. Our agency’s mission is to take care of America’s healthcare, therefore, we too must be well.” Michele Saggese, Management Analyst at CMS (one of America’s Healthiest Company winners). 

“America’s Healthiest Company was both a personal competition and a way to reconnect when we returned to campus and remind us that we belong to a great organization. I’m happy we engaged in the Challenge and I think the staff enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to rekindle that enthusiasm and help people find even more great programs!” shared Debbie Maranto, Benefits Manager at AAFP (one of America’s Healthiest Company winners).

“Burnalong extends a warm congratulations to the winners of America’s Healthiest Company. It is an honor to support healthcare and front-line workers with health and wellness programming to support their efforts and overall well-being,” says Daniel Freedman, Co-CEO of Burnalong. “We remain committed to providing diverse and inclusive programming so entire workforces with demanding schedules can continue to be engaged and grow through Burnalong classes.”

To learn how Burnalong can support your corporate wellness initiatives, reach out to us for a quick call. 

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