Let’s get back to the basic components of wellness

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When you hear the term wellness, what comes to mind? Do you think of fitness routines or trendy diets?

What if we broadened that definition a bit to also include finances, emotional and mental health, relationships, personal development, mobility, or sustainable nutrition? What if we viewed wellness as a holistic approach to overall health? 

Instead of stressing about one element of health, what if we shift the focus to the basic components of wellness so that you can live your happiest and healthiest life?

At Burnalong, we are passionate about helping people thrive. And we offer this support with the full person in mind. For instance, if your physical fitness is on point but you are struggling financially, that can impact your mental health and your relationships. In this situation, it might be time to focus on finances so that you balance things out.

To help our members with this, we are taking some time to get back to the basics of wellness with some foundational programs to help you re-learn a skill or focus on an area of wellness that you might have been neglecting. 

That’s right, we are being basic (unabashedly). So choose your own adventure and join us in focusing on other areas of wellness that might not be your go-to. 

Speaking of finances…

72% of Americans shred they had felt stressed about finances in the last month in a recent survey. Money is a tricky topic and many of us never learned best practices to budget effectively. 

Here is where Burnalong can uniquely support you. Did you know that we have finance experts who post classes and programs to help you focus on financial wellness? It might not sound like a riveting topic but think of the hours, days, and years you give back to yourself that won’t be spent worrying about finances if you take a few minutes this month to dig a little deeper?

Here are some of the trending financial programs we highly recommend: 

  • 21-Day Financial Reboot: Learn about budgeting, groceries, saving, and so much more in this robust program with 21 classes. 
  • Personal Finance Basics: This gets a little more meta as we consider the role of money and why we think about it the way we do. 

What about fitness? 

Fitness is often the first thing we think about when we consider “getting healthy.” It is a heavy hitter when considering your holistic wellness because there are so many other peripheral benefits from focusing on your fitness, such as memory retention or boosting your mood

However, starting a new fitness routine might be intimidating. If that is you, you’ve got a whole bunch of friends here at Burnalong. With schedules, past injuries, underlying conditions, and lack of support…the list to not focus on your fitness gets really long. 

Here are some suggested programs, also known as a curated group of classes to help you grow and build to your goals, that we have on Burnalong:

Invest in your mental health

Have you ever tried meditating or a grounding technique? Was it hard to focus? Similar to working out, you have to work at it to improve. 

Most people aren’t able to dive in and that is okay. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t focus on your mental health or take the time to care for your mind. Sometimes, it is as “simple” as a perspective shift! 

We’ve got a few really amazing programs that can help you:

  • The Science of Happiness: Learn how to be happy with these 7 classes. You’ll learn how to identify strengths and ways to tap into a much happier, fulfilling life. 
  • Boundaries: We say it is Level 1 but the impact having boundaries can have on your life makes it feel much more substantial. 

Forget diets and let’s focus on nutrition

What you put in your body makes a big difference in the health of your skin, your mood, your energy, your weight, your focus, and so much more. But, cooking for a family or finding something nutritious and quick can feel like one too many puzzles to solve for one day. 

Staring into the void of your fridge won’t provide answers. Here are some suggested programs that will help you focus on your nutrition: 

  • Emotional eating and you: Shift the focus from weight loss to having a different relationship with food in this short, compact program. 
  • Vegetarian Cooking for Families: You don’t have to become a vegetarian to enjoy these nutritious and easy meals. We’ve got six meals covered in this program!

Ready to get back to the wellness basics?

We hope that these ideas have inspired you to try something new and get back to the basics of wellness. Whether you are looking to re-learn some things you’ve forgotten about or diving into an area of wellness that is entirely new to you, we are here to support you every step of the way. 

Start by picking your own adventure, enrolling in the program, and then focusing on getting one class done today. 

If you aren’t already on Burnalong, we want you to support your health too. Let’s find some time to chat about how we can help your company and employees too. 

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