Burnalong launches inclusive workplace wellness challenge to support population health

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The sixth annual wellbeing challenge is unlike any other with the promotion of holistic health for diverse populations and building connections across departments 

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Baltimore, MD – Burnalong–the leading digital health and wellness solution that helps everyone through life’s journey, working with leading companies, consultants, payers, and hospital systems–today launched its sixth annual Fittest & Healthiest Company challenge. Participating companies can take classes from more than 20,000 classes and hundreds of programs across 60 wellness categories. 

The most inclusive health and wellness challenge available runs from September 19 to October 28, 2022. All Burnalong clients are invited to participate as a proven means to boost employee engagement, create healthy cultures, and build connections across workforces. 

The Fittest & Healthiest Company challenge celebrates all ages, levels, abilities, and skills by inviting participants to engage in classes that align with their individual goals. Entire employee populations can compete from a single platform, all working together to dominate the leaderboard. 

Eligible classes include nutrition education, chronic condition support, sleep training, workouts, yoga and meditation sessions, leadership development courses, mental health support, financial literacy, and parenting techniques. The winning company will be determined by the highest number of average minutes, per participant, over the six-week challenge. 

Studies have found that challenges are an important component of a successful wellness program roadmap to boost enrollment and engagements across whole departments. In fact, on the Burnalong platform, we’ve seen an 18% boost in engagement in the first three months when a challenge is offered; there is a nearly 40% lift in engagement for the first three months when challenges are combined with our sequential-based programs. 

Many corporate wellness programs, however, are not inclusive of employees who have disabilities, chronic conditions, or varying health needs. It is estimated that 26 percent of US adults have some type of disability and require varying adaptive support or programming levels. Additionally, more than 30 percent of adults who have a disability were employed in 2021. 

“This year, we have an exciting lineup of live events, mini-challenges, and promotional materials for our clients to engage their entire populations throughout the six-week challenge,” says Otto Helberg, Director of Customer Success. “We cannot wait to inspire healthy habits and celebrate the many successes from our Burnalong users, along the way.”

“We are proud to launch the most inclusive wellness challenge available with our sixth annual Fittest and Healthiest Company challenge,” says Daniel Freedman, co-CEO of Burnalong. “Our mission is to support the holistic health of entire populations so that they can live happier, healthier, and more fulfilled lives. Through Burnalong’s unique offering, we make what’s common sense become common practice by ensuring every single person is supported in digital health and wellness solutions. This challenge uniquely engages diverse workforces with thousands of live and on-demand classes that support every goal, ability, level, and age. It is an honor to support healthy habits and build connections across departments with some good-natured competition. We wish the 2022 Fittest and Healthiest Company participants luck!”

Winners from previous years include CMS, WellNow Urgent Care, AAFP, and Thomas Scientific. You can learn more about the impact and failproof strategies of offering wellness challenges through our comprehensive guide here: https://on.burnalong.com/ebook-plan-failproof-corporate-wellness-challenge


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