Burnalong Joins Virgin Pulse’s Partner Network to Provide Diverse and Inclusive Wellness Programming to Expanded Audience

Baltimore, Md. – Today, June 29, 2021, Burnalong, the world’s leading health, wellness, and social motivation platform, announced it’s joining Virgin Pulse’s partner ecosystem to offer its diverse, virtual class selection to Virgin Pulse’s employers and health plans around the world. Burnalong’s comprehensive and holistic range of class categories spanning chronic condition support, adaptive workouts, self-defense, family workouts, mental health, financial wellness, fitness, neuromuscular, and more are now accessible to an expanded audience through Virgin Pulse, the leading global provider of digital and live health and wellbeing solutions. 

Many corporate wellness programs today focus on a single area of wellness, such as fitness, which limits the effectiveness of the program and can exclude many employees. Today, 26 percent of adults in the United States have some type of disability and require varying levels of adaptive support or programming. Additionally, nearly 40% of employees today are ages 50 and older; this core demographic understandably has different wellness interests and needs than their younger counterparts. Beyond age and ability, there are also more than 150 million Americans who have a chronic health condition and require expert support and programming. And particularly in the wake of the pandemic with an increase in those experiencing mental health crises, only 41 percent of people seek professional care.

A singular approach to corporate wellness programming, thus, does not serve the entire workforce and will limit the effectiveness of health and wellness strategies. Burnalong’s class offerings cover more than 45 categories of health and wellness. Along with its diverse program options, Burnalong provides social motivation for members by offering four sub-accounts to share with family and friends. Members have the ability to invite their social circles to join them for classes and connect with supportive communities via the Burnalong platform.

Through this partnership, Burnalong complements Virgin Pulse’s Homebase for Health® experience that unifies and simplifies the health and wellbeing journey for users through a single entry point. Within this seamless, one-stop-shop, members can access the Virgin Pulse platform and partner ecosystem including Burnalong. 

As a certified international partner, Virgin Pulse clients can now leverage Burnalong’s solution directly through Homebase for Health without the administrative burdens of configuration and privacy and security vetting.

“Burnalong continues to grow our portfolio of diverse and inclusive programming so that every employee, and their families, can benefit from a holistic approach to wellness,” says Daniel Freedman, co-CEO of Burnalong. “We are excited to join Virgin Pulse’s partner network to offer programming that meets employees wherever they are in their wellness journey with a wide range of classes.”

To learn more about contracting with Burnalong or for more information on the partnership, Virgin Pulse clients should reach out to their Client Success Manager.

ABOUT Burnalong

Burnalong (www.Burnalong.com) is an online health, wellness, and fitness platform that works with leading employers, insurers, municipalities, non-profits, and health systems that provide Burnalong for their employees, members, and patients. Burnalong helps people achieve their health and wellness goals by giving them unparalleled access to more than 1,200+ instructors, teaching live and on-demand wellness classes across more than 45 categories – from traditional fitness to nutrition, financial wellness, adaptive workouts, chronic conditions, and more – for the entire family. People can take classes alone or live with others where they can see and hear each other for added social motivation.

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