Burnalong Opens Registrations for the Inclusive, and Accessible, America’s Healthiest Company Challenge

Baltimore, MD – Today, June 14, 2021, Burnalong, the world’s leading health, wellness, and social motivation platform, began accepting registrations for America’s Healthiest Company challenge which celebrates a holistic approach to wellness. Beginning in 2018, America’s Healthiest Company is an inclusive and accessible six-week challenge for companies and cities to compete against each other by completing online fitness and wellness classes and accumulating minutes across the 49+ diverse categories via the Burnalong platform. 

The challenge will begin on September 7, 2021 and run through October 15, 2021. Traditional wellness challenges and programming center around fitness, thus excluding many employees of varying needs and abilities. Additionally, many challenges do not often focus on healthy competition against other local companies to spur on the community throughout their wellness journeys. America’s Healthiest Company participants compete against one another by taking online classes from a wide range of categories including cardio, yoga, barre, tai chi, self-defense, Mommy & Me, family workouts, chronic condition support, financial wellness, meditation, stress management, fitness, adaptive workouts, and more. Participating companies will receive turnkey marketing to generate internal support, automated reporting so they can track their progress against competitors, and the unique chance to engage their employees with a corporate challenge that includes their entire workforce of varying needs and abilities. 

26 percent of adults in the United States have some type of disability and require varying levels of adaptive support or programming. Additionally, an estimated 39 percent of people who are disabled, aged 25-34, were employed in 2020. Employers focused on providing equitable offerings for people with disabilities are also concerned with the rising healthcare costs to address a global health crisis which has only been exacerbated by COVID-19. Only 20 percent of the population gets the recommended levels of exercise according to the CDC. More than 150 million Americans suffer from a chronic health condition; 40 percent of adults are medically obese; and only 41 percent of people suffering from a mental or emotional health concerns seek professional care.

Employers have the opportunity to expand the traditional definition of benefits with holistic wellness programming to positively impact their entire workforce, regardless of ability status or where they are in their wellness journey. 

With America’s Healthiest Company, Burnalong is celebrating a holistic approach to wellness by offering diverse, online programming to include all employees, meeting them wherever they are, on a single platform.

“Burnalong is committed to offering diverse and inclusive wellness programming so that everyone, wherever they are in their wellness journey and with all abilities, can engage and grow”, says Daniel Freedman, co-CEO of Burnalong. “America’s Healthiest Company is an exciting opportunity for local companies, cities, teams, and their families across the country, to pursue wellness together, with a little friendly competition, by accessing classes across 49+ categories via Burnalong.”

You can register for America’s Healthiest Company, or request additional information, at https://on.Burnalong.com/americas-healthiest-company-challenge-2021


ABOUT Burnalong

Burnalong (www.Burnalong.com) is an online health, wellness, and fitness platform that works with leading employers, insurers, municipalities, non-profits, and health systems who provide Burnalong for their employees, members, and patients. Burnalong helps people achieve their health and wellness goals by giving them unparalleled access to more than 1,200+ instructors, teaching live and on-demand wellness classes across more than 45 categories – from traditional fitness to nutrition, financial wellness, adaptive workouts, chronic conditions, and more – for the entire family. People can take classes alone or live with others where they can see and hear each other for added social motivation.

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