Dementia By Day: A New Era of Compassionate Dementia Care 

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At the core of Dementia By Day’s mission is a profound and compassionate insight: communicating with people living with dementia requires us to step into their world, no matter how different it may seem from our own. This perspective challenges conventional approaches, advocating for a kinder, more empathetic way of interaction that focuses on what’s true for the person with cognitive impairment, rather than clinging to our own perception of reality. 

Dementia By Day was founded to bridge a critical gap in our understanding of what individuals with dementia truly need, especially during the sensitive transition into dementia care communities. Through the innovative framework developed by Rachael Wonderlin, Dementia By Day enlightens families and caregivers on how to harness the unique opportunities that dementia presents for connection and care. 

This partnership is especially meaningful for us at Burnalong because it resonates deeply with our commitment to accessible, inclusive, and compassionate wellness resources. Dementia By Day’s approach to dementia care—based on real-life experience and a rejection of outdated, rigid methods—mirrors our philosophy of meeting individuals where they are in their wellness journey. 

Burnalong users can access Dementia By Day‘s transformative content on our platform. Discover how to communicate effectively with loved ones living with dementia, navigate the transition into dementia care communities with grace, and most importantly, learn to embrace the gifts that dementia offers. 

This partnership signifies more than just an expansion of our content library; it represents our shared vision of a world where wellness is inclusive, compassionate, and deeply connected to the needs of all individuals, regardless of the challenges they may face. 

Welcome to the family, Dementia By Day. Together let’s create a world where everyone is seen, heard, and cherished, exactly as they are. 


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