How to get back to healthy habits

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Are you feeling like you need a re-set? A chance to return to your original, well-intentioned goals of how to get (and stay) healthy this year?

We hear you! As the seasons change, sometimes our bodies ask for some of that same love and attention we give it come New Year’s.

One great way to hit “factory reset” is to slow down and incorporate a new healthy habit. We sat down with Burnalong instructor, Nadia Stuck, to learn more about her practice and get you some tips on sticking to new habits.

Wherever you are in your wellness journey, we are here to support you with tips, strategies, and classes to keep things fresh and motivating. Let’s jump in.

Getting back to healthy habits with yoga

What is your area of expertise?

Within yoga, I am an expert in asana practice, meditation, gentle yoga, and hatha yoga with particular emphasis for each class, Yoga Nidra. I’m RYT-500 certified and Ayurvedic Practicioner certified by the NWA. Before all that, I was a personal trainer too.

What makes you passionate about what you do? Who is your clientele?

I am passionate about what I do because I practice what I believe in and see the positive results. My clientele is looking to slow down, to look inside themselves to be more mindful, present, at peace, physically, energetically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

If someone is looking to start slowing down and using holistic methods, what are 3 strategies you recommend?

I recommend you drink hot water all day as it is detoxifying and will help you lose weight. Also, go on a walk in nature every day. You will breath, release tension, and move your body at the same time. Finally, try to go to bed between 9 and 10 pm to get plenty of rest.

What is the best way, in your opinion, to become consistent with a new habit?

Make a contract with yourself. Tell yourself if you can do this new habit for 40 days, it will set in. Then, plan a reward for yourself or a celebration for your accomplishment. I also recommend that you talk about your decision to your friends and family so you are more accountable.

If someone wants to grow in their new habit all year long, what can help them stick to their new habit?

Set short and long-term goals with rewards.

Start a new habit with Nadia

Slowing down and incorporating a little self-care sounds like the antidote to busy schedules. It is never to late to learn a new habit or skill; it is always the right time to invest in your own health.

Take a class with Nadia to get to know her and her approach to yoga more. Once you feel refocused, dive into our full study of best practices, expert advice, and tips to make this year your healthiest yet.

If you would like to share health and wellbeing classes with your organization, we are here to talk through the right approach and solution for you. Let’s grab a few minutes to learn about what you need!

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