IHRSA Seers Speculate on 2018

What should gym, studio, and club owners expect for 2018 and beyond? If 2017 was any indicator: a lot of innovation and a deeper understanding about what members truly want from their experience.

Daniel Freedman, co-Founder and co-CEO of Burnalong, sat down with 7 other IHRSA affiliates to share his insights on what trends are going to impact club owners.

Daniel says, “The rise of boutiques, the desire among consumers for different programming, and the broader realization that gyms and studios can’t ignore online offerings — a message IHRSA has been championing – serve us well.” “Either clubs will have an online presence with companies like Burnalong, or they’ll lose members. It’s as true in retail as it is in fitness. The clubs embracing the online fitness experience are seeing big benefits.”

People want the experience of shopping at their favorite stores in person and the flexibility of being able to buy products online when they’re busy. Same goes for fitness.

Burnalong community members love seeing their favorite instructors in the gym. They go out of the way to make it to their classes. But things don’t always shake out that way. Busy schedules, bad weather, feeling guilty about running to the gym and not spending time with children after a long day of work, health issues, and travel are all reasons our community members love being able to connect to their instructors on Burnalong.

If you’re thinking about new ways to reach your members when you can’t see them in person, let’s chat! Our partners — and their members — are realizing amazing benefits. Learn more about how to become a Burnalong partner.

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