What An Engaging Wellness Program Looks Like.

Let’s take an inside look at Burnalong, a wellness platform that will engage all employees – no matter their age, daily schedule, or health history.

Corporate wellness programming is not what it once was. The ancient step-counting and yearly weight-loss challenges no longer do enough to satisfy the needs of all your employees. Wellness perks are seen as an important benefit to job hunters, and having a program that goes beyond your typical fitness challenges can help your company stand out in this competitive hiring environment.

Burnalong offers more than fitness classes by going one step further with a holistic approach to wellness. You will find classes from mindfulness and meditation, to nutrition, parenting, mental health, chronic conditions, and even workouts you can do with your dog!

Burnalong delivers online personalized wellbeing classes and social motivation to help employees at companies (and people globally) achieve their health and wellness goals. And companies in turn create great cultures that retain and attract talent.

Whether you’re focused on retaining and attracting talent, lowering healthcare costs and reducing sicks days, or creating a vibrant and inclusive culture, Burnalong is the solution for you.

The best part? It takes only minutes for your team to be fully set up with Burnalong – globally! Read more about how Burnalong works.

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