"BurnAlong Is Pioneering a New Approach to Wellness (That Actually Sticks)"

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It's easier than you think.

Step One

Content is Provided

Video classes are delivered by 100’s of certified instructors from across the country.


Certified Instructors


Wellness Categories



Classes are created for those who struggle to achieve their health and wellness goals. That means there’s something for every step of life’s journey. Some categories include prenatal, kids, fit over 50, diabetes, chronic conditions, stress, insomnia, financial wellness, and more.

Step Two

You Get Started in Minutes


Enterprise Customers

  • Corporate employees get a co-branded landing page to register with.
  • There’s no technical setup or integration required.
  • Promotional materials, emails, and marketing is supplied by BurnAlong.


Individual users can sign-up online or through the app.

Sign-up now and get 25% off an annual subscription with code BURN25.


Partner Clients

Bundle BurnAlong into your membership for all or select clients. And use it as a recruiting tool to reach new members and help more people.

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Step Three

Enjoy Unlimited Access

How? Users can access BurnAlong from the app or the website using a smartphone, tablet, computer, or television. It’s really that easy.

Where? Anywhere you have internet access.

How often? That’s up to you. We’re never going to limit you!

What’s needed? Just a positive attitude. Because equipment is optional.

So much more than videos, fitness, and solo wellness