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Revolutionize healthcare with Burnalong. We partner with hospitals and specialists to improve patient care through customized digital programs, and access to 20,000+ classes.

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Empower your fitness business with Burnalong. We support gyms and studios, enhancing your marketing and revenue opportunities.


Boost your health and wellness career with Burnalong. Access marketing assets and reach a global audience while making a local impact.

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Spread awareness with Burnalong. Create classes in 70+ categories to educate your community on important topics.

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Expand you career reach and build a strong presence like never before.

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Monetize your expertise by earning money from classes watched by Burnalong members.

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Offer live and on-demand classes.

Online wellness teacher

Create Programs

Craft personalized wellness programs to guide your clients through their healing journey.

Professional Marketing Support

Access custom-made marketing assets a ($299 value) to market your services effectively.

User friendly content creation

Creating engaging digital health and wellness content for our users is a breeze with Burnalong's intuitive platform.

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We help Health and Wellness professionals of all kinds teach classes in 60+ categories.


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Burnalong Success Stories

Hear how one Burnalong instructor has found success through online training and her advice to other health and wellness instructors.

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We do the marketing

Your own professional marketing kit

Professionally designed assets to promote your brand anywhere you need to be seen.

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Support for Burnalong instructors

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