Instructor Spotlight: 9 Questions with Christine Hauger

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Get to know Burnalong instructor, Christine Hauger. Christine is an avid runner and has competed in 12 World Duathlon Championships, coming home to the USA with one gold and two silver medals! Find out what inspired Christine to pursue a career in the fitness industry, how she motivates her clients to achieve their goals, and what sets her teaching style apart from the rest.

  1. What do you teach? I teach body weight suspension, weight lifiting, yoga, and spinning.
  2. How did you get into fitness? I have never stopped since high school. Since running track and cross country in college. I have always kept competing and working hard to get better.
  3. How do you motivate yourself? Races! I sign up and I train hard!
  4. How do you motivate others? Live a healthy lifestyle — be the best example of what anyone can do if they just try!
  5. In your classes, how do you accommodate different skills and fitness levels? I check for proper form and correct people. I teach them so they can stay safe. I push the more advanced.
  6. What are the top three exercises you recommend for every client? Plank, push-ups, and Roman chair.
  7. How can people best prepare for your classes? Hydrate, stretch and be excited to work out.
  8. Who are your heroes and role models?  My mom and dad. They have always been active and taught me to be healthy and to never give up.
  9. What exercise challenges would you encourage people to do? Enter a race, but start small. Make it a realistic goal. It can be running a 5K or doing a sprint triathlon –make it fun!

If you’re not in the Idaho area, you can always take Christine’s classes on Burnalong! Some of her newest classes are Core to Floor Burner, Chest Back Burner, and Tri Bi Burner.

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