5 Ways to Keep Up Your Wellness Habits on Vacation

As the final days of summer come into the horizon, many people are planning final vacations and trips before school starts, kids return to college, and work enters a new season. Additionally, with more in-person events returning, work travel is also starting to pick up. 

Though travel isn’t back to pre-pandemic days, occupancy of short-term rentals reached a new of 70 percent in June 2021 and 77 percent of surveyed members of the Global Business Travel Association now feel their employees are ready to travel for business. 

This is typically when your wellness habits go out the window. The routines you spent so many weeks establishing are suddenly disrupted with a new place and new schedule, we get it. So what if we come with you on your next trip?

What if you could still find time for a quick yoga class from your hotel room, or meditate during a flight, or take a book to learn financial literacy on a road trip? Well, we have some good news. 

Here is how to take Burnalong with you as you go on vacation or travel with work.

5 Tips to Stay on Track and Engaged with Wellness Habits

  1. Check out Wellness on Vacation program on the platform, designed to provide you with classes perfect for tight spaces. 
  2. Set up the Rainy Day with Kids program when you hit an unexpectedly rainy day and need something to occupy your kids’ time.
  3. Get really meta with your travel and take a few minutes to explore another beach (and wellness class) with the “Wellness With a View” category.
  4. Set up a wellness habit to track while you’re on the move and keep your progress going no matter if you’re on the road, or on the beach.
  5. Schedule a class and invite your friends/colleagues who aren’t with you.

Why You Should Stick to Your Habits

Research shows that it takes an average of 66 days to establish a habit; depending on how disciplined and motivated you are, it can take much less time to “lose it.” Consistency and sticking with habits you have established at home can also help with: 

  • Overcoming jet lag with regular activity
  • Handle the stress of traveling and all the logistics
  • Give you a sense of “normalcy” when you feel homesick
  • Connect you with friends and family at home by taking a class together

Don’t Forget to Rest

While we want to keep you connected to your hard-earned habits, it is also important to shake things up and take a rest. Rather than halting all wellness when you are on the road, perhaps see it as an opportunity to learn a new skill, try a new instructor, focus on an area of wellness (like meditation) that you would normally never fit in at home. 

Whether you choose to stick to your routines, or try out something new, make sure to download Burnalong’s app to your phone or tablet before you head out (Android or iOS) or bookmark your log-in page to your browser so you can easily refer back to it while you are exploring. Happy travels!

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