Groundbreaking Partnership: Local YMCAs Bringing Their Classes Online to a Global Audience Across 74 Countries for the First Time

Tech company Burnalong has partnered with a coalition of YMCAs to stream online health and fitness programming from local instructors to Y members and to employees at the 100s of companies who provide Burnalong to their employees as a benefit across 74 countries.

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Baltimore, MD – Today, a coalition of YMCA associations is bringing their local fitness and wellness classes online on Burnalong to stay connected to their members at home and reach a global audience.

Counter to the narrative that demand for brick and mortar and local instructors is dead, several YMCAs who have been on Burnalong for several months are seeing strong demand from local communities for their local instructors that they know and trust or have heard about from their friends. This has led to a national movement of YMCAs partnering with Burnalong – to stay connected to existing members and attract new members. The YMCA “Y Wellness My Way” classes officially launched today on February 24th.

Leveraging its video technology and social motivation platform, Burnalong generates superior engagement and retention levels with programmatic health and wellness content, on a subscription basis, to employers, payers, and government entities. Content is provided by a fast-growing network of roughly 1,000 wellness professionals teaching content across 45 categories, from cardio and yoga, to mindfulness and nutrition, to mental health to specialty areas and chronic conditions – including pre-natal, anxiety, cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease and adaptive workouts for people with disabilities.

Burnalong clients range from Fortune 500 companies to municipalities to school districts to construction companies to banks to tech companies to insurers and hospitals.

Trish Feinthel is the Chief Operations Officer of YMCA Bucks County who helped develop the Y initiative in collaboration with Burnalong. “Partnerships and collaborations have been a silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic, and after much research, we chose Burnalong as our virtual wellness engine due to the platform’s member centric design, diversity, and robust variety of classes. Together, Burnalong and the Y are positively impacting 1000s of health seekers in their health and wellness journey.”

“We’ve built Burnalong around the idea that the future of fitness and wellness is about bridging in person and online experiences – enabling people to take classes live online with their favorite local instructors, friends, and co-workers, when they can’t get together in person. Through partnerships like with the YMCA, we are helping people stay connected with the local instructors they know and trust – or discover instructors for the first time,” said Daniel Freedman, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Burnalong. “It’s all about providing people with choices to help meet their unique wellness needs, and that idea is never going to go away.”

About Burnalong (www.Burnalong.com):

Burnalong is an online health, wellness, and fitness platform that works with leading employers, insurers, municipalities, non-profits, and health systems who provide Burnalong for their employees, members, and patients. Burnalong helps people achieve their health and wellness goals by giving them unparalleled access to more than 900+ instructors, teaching live and on-demand classes across more than 45 categories – from traditional fitness to nutrition, financial wellness, adaptive workouts, chronic conditions, and more – for the entire family. People can take classes alone or live with others where they can see and hear each other for added social motivation.

Watch the full interview announcement on TV here: https://on.Burnalong.com/in-the-news/Burnalong-and-ymca-fox45

Want to bring Burnalong to your members or employees? Contact [email protected] to learn more. 

For press inquiries, contact [email protected] or visit www.Burnalong.com/press-inquiries.


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