Maria’s Story: From Thyroid Gland Destroyed to Already 12 Pounds Lost

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After being diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and gaining 72 pounds as a side effect, Maria in her words, “lost every ounce of my self-esteem.”
After her employer gave her and all her colleagues free Burnalong subscriptions as a corporate wellness benefit, Maria decided to make a change. In just a few weeks her colleagues, friends, and family already noticed a dramatic change. So far, she’s lost 12 pounds and gone from a size 20 to a size 16.

Read more about Maria’s inspiring transformation:

“About four years ago I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. I had my thyroid gland destroyed by method of radioactive iodine, and I then became hypo and gained 72 lbs. I went from a size 10 all the way to a size 20, and lost every ounce of my self-esteem. My husband continued telling me that I was beautiful but I couldn’t see it. After a few weeks of Burnalong, I’ve lost 12 pounds and I’m now a size 16. My goal is to lose another 40 in the next few weeks. The amazing choice of instructors, with all the new classes every week, literally keep me on my toes and inspired. My co-workers are commenting how I look better every week! I’m telling them to join Burnalong too!”

Congratulations, Maria! Getting started is often the hardest part. Read more inspiring stories from the Burnalong community.

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