Meet Julie Reisler!

Recently, we had the pleasure of catching up with one of our Burnalong partners, Julie Reisler!

Read on to learn more about Julie and her classes you can find on Burnalong

Burnalong: What Do You Teach?”

Julie: Mindfulness, Meditation, Pilates and Barre

Burnalong: How did you get into wellbeing?

Julie: I knew early on that it was my insurance policy, so to speak, to stay healthy, high energy and vibrant. I think of wellbeing, health and fitness in the same category as brushing my teeth, showering and hygiene. It’s a non-negotiable. I loved taking group classes and decided to teach about 10 years ago. I do it for fun now on the side, since I am running a full time business helping others manage what’s between their ears. Being in good shape and feeling well makes all the difference in mindset and life.

Burnalong: How do you motivate others?

Julie: By seeing the very best in them (which I call their ‘You-est You’) and helping them to live into their fullest potential.

Burnalong: “Who are your heroes and role models?”

Julie: “Oprah – she came from incredibly humble beginnings, followed her intuition, calling and purpose and has added incredible value to the world.”

Burnalong: “In your class, how do you accommodate different skill and fitness levels?”

Julie: “I always give a variety of options and ways to increase or decrease intensity. I want my classes to be accessible to all levels.”

Interested in learning more? Email her directly at [email protected]

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