Burnalong Introduces New "Coping with COVID" Physical and Emotional Wellness Programs for Adults, Kids, and Seniors

Burnalong’s mission is to help people across all ages, backgrounds, and needs, to reach their health & wellbeing goals by bringing them relatable online classes and, critically, the social motivation they need.

We are proud to support people during the health crisis with the physical, mental, and emotional classes – and social support – they need. With 3,000+ videos from 100’s of local instructors, we are helping people stay connected with their friends, families, and their favorite instructors.

“When we ask people what they love most about Burnalong that’s keeping them so engaged, they say it’s the range of programming – classes for the whole family – and critically the social component, of being able to take classes live online in private sessions with friends, family members, co-workers you see,” said Daniel Freedman, Co-CEO of Burnalong in a recent CBS interview. “People are craving social support now more than ever.”

As we’ve navigated the health crisis together, we know that what people need most are emotional and mental wellness classes, and we’ve partnered with our expert instructors from around the country to create a series of brand new “Coping with COVID” programs featuring classes for mental, emotional, and physical health.

There are programs and classes available on the Burnalong website and mobile app for seniors, children, and adults – spanning emotional and physical wellness. Enrolling in these programs creates a custom class schedule to simplify scheduling and increase engagement. These programs are free for all Burnalong users.

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