Nominations and Voting Opens for America’s Favorite Trainer

Baltimore, MD – Today, June 1, 2021, Burnalong, the world’s leading health and wellness and social motivation platform, announced the opening of nominations for our annual America’s Favorite Trainer to honor wellness providers for the impact they have made in the lives of colleagues, neighbors, family, and friends. America’s Favorite Trainer is a voter-based initiative, started in 2017, to reward the hard work of instructors helping people pursue their wellness goals. 

Starting today and going through July 15, 2021, instructors can be nominated on Burnalong’s website to receive votes across ten wellness categories including fitness, mental health, finance, and medical wellness. Winners will be selected for each category, plus a grand prize winner with the most votes, on July 15. The winning instructors will receive promotional rewards including a digital marketing kit to announce their win, social media and email promotion to all Burnalong users, a feature in the Burnalong blog, and future opportunities to provide their expertise to the hundreds of thousands of Burnalong users. Additionally, for the grand prize winner, Burnalong will be making a $1,000 donation to a charity of their choice in order to amplify the instructor’s community impact.

Data shows that even with advances in technology and increased access to wellness offerings, there is a dire need for innovative approaches to impact healthy habits and behavior. Currently, 80% of the US population doesn’t get the recommended levels of exercise. 11% of adults have reported an anxiety or depressive disorder in pre-COVID times with a surge of 42% reporting symptoms in December 2020. Seven out of ten Americans are expected to die from chronic conditions that could be treated or prevented with behavioral changes. The need for holistic wellness programming is an ongoing challenge that Burnalong, and wellness instructors across the nation, are working to address with creativity and diligence. 

With this announcement and re-launching of America’s Favorite Trainer, Burnalong will spotlight the triumphs of nominees across ten wellness categories. It will also celebrate those who have worked tirelessly so that we might all thrive together.

“We are in awe of the innovation and resilience of wellness instructors. Their investment in their respective communities has allowed individuals to start, or remain, on their wellness journeys this past year”, says Daniel Freedman, co-CEO of Burnalong. “Burnalong firmly believes wellness should be accessible, relatable, and reflect the diverse needs of every body–no matter where someone is located or what they are striving towards. America’s Favorite Trainer allows Burnalong to celebrate the efforts of wellness instructors across the country as they impact the emotional, physical, financial, and medical wellness of our community.”

You can nominate, or vote, for your favorite local wellness instructors on Burnalong’s website: https://on.Burnalong.com/americas-favorite-trainer

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