Doctor Recommends: Perks of Having a Human Instructor While Being at Home

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“Wearables, digital health tracking devices, streaming fitness content and different online exercise programs are challenging the concept of traditional fitness delivery models. Gyms and health clubs are no longer limited to ‘the four walls,’” writes Dr. Mike Rucker, PhD, MBA, the Vice President of Technology for Active Wellness on VeryWell.

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Burnalong, he writes, is “an online video platform that combines the perks of having a human instructor with the benefits of practicing in the comfort of your own home. The platform lets users connect live with whoever makes them feel most motivated—be it their favorite gym instructor, a celebrity trainer or friends who might be living on the opposite side of the country. A wide variety of programs are offered through the platform, as well as different effort levels, so everyone can find something that suits their level of fitness.”

We appreciate the mention, thank you Dr. Rucker.

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