Priority Fitness: 4-Week Workout Program

Struggling to make fitness a priority in your life? Does it seem like work, school, friends, family, TV, and all those other responsibilities seem to consume your whole week? Do you keep telling yourself, “I’ll get back to the gym next week,” or “Next month I’ll have more free time to exercise.”

You’re not alone.

Chad Austin from Priority Fitness understands this dilemma, which is why he’s put together a 4-week fitness program that you can do whenever you find the time. Each week features cardio-based bootcamps, fitness challenges, and wellness education videos to help you hit your fitness goals. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or want to feel stronger and more confident in your own skin, this is the fitness program for you!

The best part? You can do all the workouts on your own schedule, from the convenience of your own living room (or bedroom, kitchen, backyard!). All you need is a laptop, tablet, or phone and a water bottle, towel and a set of weights. Don’t stress if you don’t have fancy gym equipment, there are plenty of household items you can use as substitutes.

Do it for yourself! Carve out thirty minutes, four times a week, for four weeks and you’ll start to see the results you want. There’s no excuse not to try.

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