Retail Sales on the Rise into Q1

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It’s normal to see an uptick in retail sales around the holidays, in fact, most stores count on an influx of activity toward the end of the year to support the leaner months to come. But what happens when the holiday hustle stays steady way past Christmas?

How do we prevent burnout when our Industry is going strong?

A recent study by CNBC found that “retail sales jumped 3% in January despite an inflation increase.” The Press Herald’s reporting on an increase in retail sales further supports this data.

Continued sales require stamina! And while it’s exciting for a company’s Q1 revenue and overall growth, this constant feeling of “go, go, go” can lead to exhausted and burned-out employees. 

It may be time to check the pulse of your company to ensure you’re not seeing sales numbers increase at the expense of a decrease in employee morale.

How to know when your team’s energy is on low:

  • Employees are taking multiple sick days.
  • They come to work looking unkempt and unprofessional.
  • Staff arrives late or leaves early.
  • Your team members exhibit a distracted, disgruntled, or disconnected demeanor. 
  • Their productivity is low, and the quality of their work has decreased.

Ways to recharge your employees:

Go the extra mile in showing you care:

So, once you’ve checked in with your team and celebrated your wins, it’s time to invest in wellness initiatives that add real value to your workforce. It’s time to focus on your employees’ whole health, including mental health and overall wellbeing. 

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