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4 Family Fitness Vacation Getaway Ideas

It is always a good idea to break the normal boring routine and escape away to a family weekend vacation. When you are a family person first and fitness freak second these getaway ideas would essentially work both ways. A new workout fiasco alongside a family vacation is the ultimate getaway plan for those sore limbs and a tired mind.

  1. Jungle Bay Resort and Spa

This adventurous retreat is located at the Point Mulatre in Dominica. This place is packed with the luring escapades of trekking and luxurious views. The private cottage accompanies a serene view. You can attend yoga classes or enjoy a massage at their top of the arts facility at the Spa resort. The daily hike up the wild spread of Dominica is enough to satisfy your lust for wilderness. If you are looking for an intensive stimulatory activity you can opt for kayaking or snorkeling for a fitness challenge. The cultural activities and the thunderous waterfall would be a great family fun for the kids and you alike. The organic variety of food and the tropical juices are quite tempting in their own way.

  1. Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

For an oceanic adventurer, Lucero Surf offers an all in one package for all water activities. You get specified classes for surfing, snorkeling and even deep sea scuba diving. The private surfing classes would do wonders for your fitness physique. You can sun bath those abs while your kids enjoy in the sand and waves touching the shore. There is a fantastic day trip to Montezuma Waterfall on the Costa Rican brush which would get the entire family pumped up. This deal comes with a yoga class right by the beach, with waves adding to the backdrop. You can enjoy the evenings in the attentive markets and the addictive nightlife of Costa Rica.

  1. Calabasas, CA

Calabasas endorses ‘The Ashram’ in the foothills of Santa Monica. A guided hiking trip surrounded by the beautiful landscape completely opens your mind. The early jogging walk would be replaced by the 6:00 am wake-up call for a four hour hike. You would find plenty of like-minded people here, standing by you through every fitness challenge the Ashram has in store for you. The yoga and regular fitness classes are all part of the retreat. They praise group fitness with their interactive workouts. By the end of this trip you would be able to count and recount the hiking miles and be amazed by what you had achieved.

  1. Big Sky Montana Resort

For an outdoorsy winter vacation a ski resort is the best choice. You can modify this trip according to your preference and ease. While the kids can ride on the chair lift and see the snow-capped mountains from close; you have plenty of options. You can start your day with fitness classes and a six mile run. The ice climbing session would be double in effectiveness of your workouts. The Rainbow ranch has a steam room and massage relaxation waiting for you.

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