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Get Involved: Help Cancer Survivors Re-Build Their Strength

“A big challenge for cancer survivors after finishing their treatment is rebuilding their strength. It’s both an emotional and physical journey, and one that the support of others can greatly help. Now people across the world can support survivors through a new ground-breaking partnership between the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults and Burnalong. The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adult’s Cancer to 5K is a free 12-week training program during which survivor participants are reintroduced to physical activity through practices lead by coaches and supported by volunteer sherpas – ensuring that no survivor ever exercises alone. That journey is now taking place online as well – to compliment the in-person activities. The Ulman Cancer Fund has partnered with Burnalong – the world’s leading online video fitness and wellness platform that offers hundreds of classes from local gyms and studios across the country. Now people across the world can support cancer survivors. On Burnalong, survivors are now taking classes online – ranging from strength-building to dance to sleep yoga for insomnia – and they are able (if they want) to invite others to join them in live private sessions. This can be other survivors, sherpas, or friends and family members.”

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