Take Your Studio or Gym Online and Stream Your Fitness, Health, and Wellness Classes for Free

Want to be paid to bring your studio or gym online? Join Burnalong's community of gyms, clubs, and independent coaches who all get paid to post classes online. Teach across 50 health, fitness, and wellness categories where our online community members may already be looking for a gym! It’s so EASY to get started and it’s completely free.

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100 coaches and 10,000 members in one day


A gym with more than 100 instructors wanted to stay connected to their 10,000+ members while they weren’t able to come to classes in person. They partnered with Burnalong to provide additional content for their members, deliver live-streamed classes from their instructors, and stay connected.

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The platform is free

You don't need to budget for Burnalong. It's quite the opposite. We pay you for content and introduce you to users that are local to you!

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We market you for free

By joining Burnalong you're gaining exclusive access to hundreds of thousands of users in all phases of their wellness journey. You do the fitness. We'll do the marketing.

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Easy to use

It's so easy to post classes, manage your coaches, and receive payments. It's all through direct deposit, and you get to decide how to handle the payouts.

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Let's work together to grow your business

Health clubs

Offer your classes online to reach new clients, build stronger relationships with the ones you already have, and help people achieve their health and wellness goals.

Gyms and studios

Become an online fitness trainer by streaming your classes on the Burnalong platform- exposing you to thousands of users looking for a great workout. You’ll get paid for every online class they attend!


Guide an eager audience towards accomplishing their mental wellness goals. Provide support, exercises, and guidance to people looking for your help.

What makes Burnalong different?

Adding Burnalong allows you to provide on-demand classes to your members and reach new clients in a brand new way. Stream live classes and record them for on-demand. Your followers will receive the benefit of great instruction, coaching, and training while you grow your brand locally and around the world. Take your gym, club, or studio online today!

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